The aggravating situation in Idleb caused by terrorists’ provocations: Gatilov

MOSCOW, (ST)- Russia’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations Office in Geneva and Other International Organizations Gennady Gatilov has affirmed that the aggravating situation in Idleb is the result of the “provocations” carried out by terrorists there.

“The counter-terrorism process in Syria is being carried out by the legitimate Syrian government in accordance with the international Security Council resolutions and other international agreements,” Gatilov said in an interview with Izvestia Newspaper.

“Those trying to make a bargain on this issue and threatening of impeding the political process, because the Syrian state has legally re-established control over its territories, are not interested in the success of the work of the constitutional committee on Syria,” he added.

 The senior Russian diplomat pointed out that the situation in Idleb is being discussed at different levels, but “we still don’t see any direct connection between the political process and the situation on the ground there as some of our partners always suggest and claim that there will be no political process until Idleb’s problem is solved.”

On Friday, Russian President Vladimir Putin, during a phone call his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan reaffirmed that Syria’s sovereignty and territorial integrity should unconditionally be respected.

The Russian leader expressed his deep concern about the continuity of the attacks launched by terrorists in Idleb on neighboring areas, on the Syrian army positions and on Hmeimim airbase.

Hamda Mustafa