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“Beit El-Wadi” Cave ... a Unique Tourist Attraction in Tartous

The Cave of “ Beit al-Wadi “  is one of the most magnificent  and important caves in Syria as it represents  a   historical and natural treasure  and enchants  all  its visitors due to  its internal and external beauty .

The Cave of “ Beit El-Wadi” is located  in the town of Dwair  Reslan in  Tartous  , 18 km north -east of Draykish.

It  is a famous  natural artistic   underground, and although it was closed years ago before  visitors, the surrounding area is still a destination for lovers  of popular tourism, where it is located in a green area  among  a  group of fresh springs and rivers.

The cave, according to Muhannad Ismail  Head of Dair Reslan municipality ,  was formed  on a rocky cave  wall  through  millions of years as a result of the passage of a huge glacier in the  region .

“ Beit al-Wadi cave   is famous for its stalagmites and stalactites and a large spring flowing through it. The cave  is considered as one of the most beautiful things in Sy ria so far , for various Calcareous formations which constituted more than  70 percent of it.

Ismail pointed  out that the cave is  a tourist icon because of its unique natural features of  its formations. The cave’s spring waters eleven villages in the area..


 Rawaa Ghanam