WHO: The next two months will be the cruelest in Europe in terms of the number of deaths from Coronavirus

 The World Health Organization expected a record number of deaths from the Coronavirus in Europe during the next two months.

"In October and November, we will see a rise in deaths," the World Health Organization’s regional director for Europe, Hans Kluge, told AFP, adding that the matter will become more severe at a time when the number of infections increases in the continent, but the number of daily deaths is stable.

The World Health Organization in Europe today is organizing a 2-day meeting that includes about fifty member states to discuss the response to the epidemic and agree on its five-year strategy.

Kluge, who is based in Copenhagen, warned those who believe that the end of the epidemic will coincide with the launch of the vaccine which is still under development, saying "I hear all the time that the vaccine will be the end of the epidemic. Of course not."


He added: "We do not even know whether the vaccine will be effective with all segments of the population . Some of the indications we receive indicate that it will be effective for some but not for others."

"The end of this epidemic comes when we learn to live with it and this depends on us . It is a very positive message," Kluge said.

The organization revealed that a record number of daily infections with the Coronavirus worldwide was recorded on Sunday, totaling 307,930 cases within 24 hours.


Inas Abdulkareem