The UN adopts resolution documenting Israeli aggressive practices against Golan people

New York (ST): The UN Economic and Social Council has unanimously adopted a resolution that documents the aggressive practices of the Israeli occupation and the adverse economic and social consequences of these practices on the people of the  Golan and the Palestinians in the occupied Arab territories.

Forty seven states voted in favor of the resolution, three states ( the US, Canada and Australia) objected while four states abstained.

Syria's permanent representative to the meeting Majd Nayal expressed high appreciation  of the Syrian government to the report submitted by the UN economic and social committee in Western Asia ESCWA which documented the adverse consequences of the Israeli occupation on the Golan people and the Palestinians in the occupied Arab territories.

The Syrian diplomat expressed Syria's categorical rejection for the reports and statements that referred to the existence of new Israeli plans to expand settlements in the occupied Golan and increase the number of settlers there.

He reviewed the aggressive measures taken by the Israeli occupation authorities in occupied Golan, especially the change of  school curricula which aims to influence students and separate them from their motherland and Syrian Arab identity.