Syrian expatriate gets the title of best doctor of the year 2020 in Ukraine

Odessa, (ST) - The Syrian expatriate doctor, Arefal-Muhammad, was named best doctor for the year 2020 in the southern region of Ukraine, in a popular vote organized by the Ukrainian city of Odessa administration in cooperation with local TV stations.

Dr. al-Muhammad is a dentist and owner of the largest dental center in Odessa, known for his high competency and for providing the best dental  treatment and Orthodontics methods, in addition to playing a major role in providing medical aid to the children of Arab communities and citizens and participating in all the activities of the Syrian community in Odessa .He is the representative of the Union of Arab Doctors in Ukraine.

In a statement to SANA, Dr. Al-Muhammad expressed his pride in obtaining this title, which was the fruit of long work and perseverance, especially as he was a Syrian who holds his homeland in his heart in the expatriateHe pointed out that work for him means happiness and satisfaction, especially what is related to the human side in his work.

Dr. Al-Muhammad pointed out the distinctiveness of the Syrian presence in the expatriate and Ukraine in particular, indicating the high values and creative energies that Syrians carry wherever they are.

He concluded his speech by saying: “my homeland, Syria, will remain a beacon of knowledge, radiating its light in the entire world,” wishing Syria peace, prosperity and victory.

Al-Muhammad is a graduate of the Faculty of Dentistry from the State University of Ukraine and has helds a PhD in Orthodontics since 2008.

Raghda Sawas