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Turkish regime arrested scores of its mercenaries who refused to fight in Idleb

HASAKA, (ST)_ The Turkish occupation forces arrested scores of their mercenary comrades after they tried to flee to Turkish territories because of their fear of being involved in confrontation with the Syrian army in Idleb.

According to local sources in Hasaka province, the Turkish occupation forces closed the border to terrorists, who implement the Turkish regime's orders in the northern countryside of Hasaka, after they tried to run away from Ras Al-Ayn city towards the Turkish territories.

Cabinet allocates SYP145 billion to implement an integrated development plan in Aleppo

ALEPPO, (ST)- The Cabinet has allocated SYP 145 billion to implement an integrated economic, services, and construction development plan in Aleppo province with special focus on the areas recently liberated from terrorism.

The plan was approved by the cabinet on Saturday during its weekly session which was held this time in Aleppo marking the Syrian Arab Army's victories which have restored security and stability to wide areas in the countryside of the province.

The development plan covers agriculture, industry, oil, energy, education, housing, communications, health among other fields.

A budget of SYP74 billion was allocated to the energy sector and to implement the Electricity Ministry's plan to improve the situation of electric power in Aleppo in general and in liberated areas in particular and to increase power supply  to industrial zones in al-Zerbeh, al-Mansoura and al-Leramoun areas. The cabinet also approved rehabilitating several oil ministry projects at a cost of SYP 1 billion.

US annoyance over the return of normal life in Aleppo is attributed to its frustration after the failure of its scheme in Syria

DAMASCUS, (ST)- Syria has stressed that the US annoyance over the return of normal life in Aleppo is attributed to its frustration after the failure of its scheme in Syria which aimed at disseminating terrorism and chaos in the country.

An official source at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates said in a statement to SANA that "it is not strange that the US administration is feeling annoyed over the return of normal life in Aleppo and over opening the roads of the city and resuming flights to Aleppo International Airport, particularly because these achievements came after the foreign-backed terrorists suffered from humiliating defeats by the Syrian army and after the army secured the city of Aleppo completely."

Moscow won't tolerate the presence of terrorist hotbeds in Syria’s Idlib- Vershinin

MOSCOW- Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Vershinin has stressed that Russia will never tolerate the presence of terrorist hotbeds in Syria's Idlib, reiterating his country's firm support for Syria's war on terrorism.

In an interview with the Russian Itar Tass News Agency, Vershinin said that there can be no truce with terrorists.

"It should not be our position only, it should be the position of any state. Because to fight terrorists is not only the right and the duty of a single state. There can be no ceasefire with them as far as they are terrorists," Vershinin made it clear, pointing out that the terrorists, which are controlling a major part of Idlib, represent Jabhat al-Nursa terrorist organization and its affiliated armed groups.

Belgium subdued by Israeli pressure, withdraws invitation to pro-Palestinian organization to deliver a speech at UNSC

BRUSSELS, (ST)- Belgium was subdued by pressure from the Israeli occupation entity and it withdrew its invitation to a pro-Palestinian organization to deliver a speech at the UN Security Council.

France Press news agency quoted Brad Parker from the Defense for Children International – Palestine (DCI-P), as saying that Belgium, being the current President of the Security Council, had invited him to deliver a speech at the council. However, Israel rejected the Belgian stance, saying that Parker is known for his extreme positions against Israel and it summoned Belgian diplomat to protest the move."