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Syrian citizens in occupied Syrian Golan recall with pride the victory over the Israeli enemy and the liberation of Quneitra

Syrian citizens in the occupied Syrian Golan have asserted their commitment to set out on in the march of resilience until liberating the occupied lands and restoring them safe to the Homeland.
Freed captive, Sidqi al-Maqt, said in phone conversation with the Syrian News Agency (SANA) on the occasion of the 47th anniversary of October liberation war that citizens of the occupied Golan have confidence in the inevitability of liberating every inch of the occupied lands by the will of the heroes of the Syrian Army, who foiled the US-Zionist plot and its terrorist mercenaries.

Cuba: Terrorism could not be eliminated as long as there are double standards in confronting it

DAMASCUS, (ST)_Cuba has affirmed that terrorism could not be completely  eliminated as long as there double standards, political opportunism and selectivity in confronting it.

The remarks were made by the Cuban embassy in Damascus.    

The embassy condemned all forms of terrorism that will remain a dangerous challenge to the international community.

Syria, Abkhazia agree on mutual visa exemption (2)

DAMASCUS, (ST)_Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Walid al-Moallem received on Monday Alkhas Kvitsiniya,  Head of the Administration of the Abkhazian President, and Foreign Affairs Minister Daur Kove . 

The two sides discussed bilateral relations and the ways of strengthening them in all fields for the common interests of the two countries' peoples. 

The Abkhazian delegation  highly appreciated the Syrian government and people for their support of Abkhazia, referring to the importance of the historic decision adopted by the two countries on establishing diplomatic relations that would enhance bilateral cooperation in all fields, mainly economic cooperation, investment and trade exchange.

Passing through a number of villages of Lattakia, 'Droub Tishreen' cycling race starts

With international, Arab and local participation, “Droub Tishreen Race '' started today in the countryside of Lattakia Governorate. The cycling race is organized by the General Sports Federation in cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism. It will continue until the sixth of this month.

Teams from the Russian Federation of Tatarstan, Lebanon, Tunisia and Palestine, in addition to several teams from Syria participate in the race which is taking place in three stages.

The first stage begins today from the village of Dalia in the countryside of Lattakia until the tomb of the Late President Hafez al-Assad in the city of Qardaha, passing through many charming villages which are rich in hills and plains stretching on for about 48 km long. The first stage will be interspersed with rest breaks of the participating teams, during which they will be supplied with water, food and the necessary logistical equipment.

The second day of the race includes a march that starts from Al-Amer restaurant junction in the city of Qardaha to the town of Slanfeh, which is 1130 meters above sea level. The race extends for a length of about 32 km, passing through many charming villages. During this stage,  the participating teams will plant trees in some of the sites that were exposed to fires, including al-Shuh and al-Arz Reserve.

On the third and final day, the mountain race will take place for the  "men and women, boys and girls," veteran contestants on the Jouba Berghal road with a length of one kilometer, after which the winners will be crowned at Nessma Jabal Hotel in the countryside of Qardaha.

During breast cancer awareness month, NGOs provide educational and diagnostic services for its early detection

 With the launch of the International Breast Cancer Awareness Month (Pink Month), which is in October of each year, a number of NGOs participate in health awareness and guidance activities and other diagnostic activities that focus on the importance of early detection and the definition of the types of examinations related to that.

The President of the Family Planning AssociationDr.Hazar Miqdad indicated that since the first of this month, the medical team in the association began providing health awareness guidance to all women benefiting from the reproductive health services provided by the association through its fixed and mobile clinics spread in 13 governorates, 45 of which are fixed women's clinics and 23 mobile teams.

Dr. Miqdad said that health awareness includes introducing women to the symptoms of breast cancer, the method of self-examination, and the importance of conducting periodic examinations through (echo) or (mammogram) according to international health protocols.

From the Charitable Youth Association, the director of its medical centers, Dr. Nermin Abdel Qader, explained that the association is implementing an awareness event entitled (You are Life) throughout the current month.