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Damascene folk singing, a simple tune for different purposes

Folk singing is part of the oral history that documents the social life in every society and presents its traditions and customs. An example of this kind of singing is the Damascene folk singing that highlights the Damascenes’ traditions and customs.

According to Syrian music researcher Ahmed Boubes, folk songs have expressed many aspects of Damascene social life and traditions that were linked to each other but were varied according to the purposes and occasions. These songs were distinguished by the simplicity of melody and words, which made it easy for people to remember, especially for Damascene women who used to perform such songs at evenings, picnics and social events.

Boubes said that all the Damascene songs came in the form of the Taqtuqa (a standard 3-4 minute Arabic song with multiple verses and a repeating chorus) and one musical Maqam (oriental tune). Most of the time, singing is accompanied by playing the oud and tambourine, and darbuka.

Engagement and wedding occasions in Damascus have special traditions as far as singing is concerned.

Al-Jaafari: The West distorts scientific facts & fabricates lies regarding Syria's chemical file

 New York (ST): Syria's permanent representative to the UN Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari affirmed that the representatives of some Western states deliberately distort scientific facts and fabricate lies regarding Syria's chemical files stressing the necessity of closing this file completely because Syria had met all the commitments that emerged when it joined the treaty that bans chemical weapons and has destroyed all its chemical arsenal since 2014.

During an informal UN Security Council meeting held last night via video conference at the request of Russia and China on Syria's chemical file, al-Jaafari referred to the grave wrongdoings and mistakes that dominated the work of the UN Disarmament Office and the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, pointing out that Syria cooperated with the UN and the OPCW to eliminate its chemical weapons and settle all pending issues, and this requires halting manipulation of this file and closing it completely as soon as possible because Syria had met all its commitments and destroyed all its chemical weapons and this was documented by the head of the joint mission in charge of eliminating the chemical weapons in Syria Sagred Kagh who submitted her final report to the UNSC affirming that Syria had met all its commitments and destroyed all its chemical weapons on board a US ship, adding that the same issue was affirmed by the OPCW which said that all the 27 facilities dedicated to produce chemical weapons were destroyed.

Russian DM: Al-Nusra terrorists prepare for fake chemical provocations in Idleb

Moscow (ST): Russian Defense Ministry has confirmed that Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists were preparing to fabricate a new chemical farce in which they use fake chemical weapons against the civilians in Idleb southern countryside to accuse the Syrian Arab Army of such attack.

Gen. Alexander Grenkivich, Deputy Chief of the Russian Coordination Center in Hmeimim, was quoted by TASS News Agency as saying that terrorists in Idleb were planning to launch a fake chemical attack against civilians in the de-escalation zone in Idleb as a provocation against the government forces and with the aim of accusing the Syrian Arab Army of launching such an attack.

He added that the Coordination Center received information that preparations were underway for carrying out new provocations through using poisonous substances in the eastern part of the de-escalation zone in Idleb.

In a statement released on Sep. 11th, Gen. Grenkivich said that the Russian Coordination Center received information related to Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists' preparation for launching false chemical attacks with the participation of foreign news reporters to publish them later on the internet and media outlets to accuse the Syrian Arab Army of using chemical weapons against the civilians.

The completion of preparations for the reopening of Damascus International Airport on the first of next October

The Damascus International Airport administration has completed all the preparations and procedures required for the gradual opening of the airport, which is scheduled for the first of next October.

According to the Director of Airport Eng. Nidal Mohammed, the preparations included the various stages of work from the moment the aircraft arrived and took off, in order to achieve ease of procedures related to passengers and to fulfill the requirements of the Ministry of Health protocol and the instructions of the International Civil Aviation Organization.

The Chinese ambassador to Syria: Syria is a close friend and we are keen to bolster the distinguished cooperation between the two countries

Chinese Ambassador to Syria Feng Biao considered that Syria is a close friend, dear partner and good brother to China in the process of establishing  a community of common future and establishing international relations between the two countries.

In his special  speech to  Al-Watan newspaper, Biao indicated that next year will coincide with the 65th  anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Syria and China, saying: “My country is keen to continue distinguished cooperation with Syria in bilateral and multilateral fields, and to respect the social systems and development ways that the Syrian people have been established with their  independent will. China works to further deepen cooperation in all fields, to strengthen friendship between the two peoples, to refuse intervention in the internal affairs of other countries, to confront unilateralism, hegemony and power politics. China seeks to be an example in establishing international relations of a new type and establishing a common future for mankind”.