Syria ranks first in Arab World in cherry production

The Ministry of Agriculture and Agrarian Reform estimated the production of cherries for this season in Syria at 49,896 tons.

Director of Plant production at the Ministry of Agriculture, Engineer Abdel Moeen Qadamani, told SANA reporter that Syria ranked first in the Arab world and the sixth in the world in the production of this fruit.

He added that Syria produced about 55 thousand tons last year, attributing the decline in production this year to weather conditions.

Qadmani confirmed that the Ministry’s nurseries produced last year 74527 cherry plants that were sold to farmers at symbolic prices of 300 pounds as a kind of support for them, pointing out that this year’s plan is to produce 104,000 cherry plants.


Inas Abdulkareem

Syria produces and exports Veterinary medicines

Despite the unilateral and coercive sanctions being imposed on Syria, the production process in the factories of local Veterinary medicines has not stopped in order to meet the requirements of the local market and to export veterinary medicines to several countries.
According to the Director of Veterinary Medicine at the Ministry of Agriculture Dr. Ziyad Nammor, the ministry has given over the past four months 20 technical approvals to export Veterinary medicines worth $655.000.

Coronavirus Global response summit calls for universal vaccine

Participants in the  Coronavirus Global Response summit  held on Saturday evening called for the necessity of providing the vaccine upon reaching it to everyone who needs it. The summit was held as part of a joint initiative between the European Commission and Global Citizen Organization.

Russia Today website quoted European Commission President Ursula Von Der Line as saying during the summit that it is "necessary to provide the vaccine to everyone who needs it."

In The Loving Memory of Our Heroes

Story of a Hero

Lieutenant Nour Shukair, one of the heroes of the Syrian Arab Army, fought against terrorism in different parts of Syria and was wounded three times during battles with terrorists. The last injury caused him quadriplegia, yet couldn't break his will to continue living and achieving his ambitions.

  Wearing his military uniform and sitting in his wheelchair, the wounded soldier is currently taking his high school exam with a strong will to continue obtaining science and knowledge after repeated injuries in the fight against terrorism  forced him to leave the battlefield.

US occupation forces in Hasaka countryside trying to abuse children

Locals in Hasaka countryside have complained to Hasaka Police Department that US occupation soldiers are trying to abuse their children by luring them with money in exchange for indecent acts.

Syria Insider facebook page yesterday published a memo issued by the Hasaka Police Command saying that some locals in Tal Hamis town filed a complaint saying that their children informed them that US soldiers at the checkpoints they have built near Harir Bridge in the town, have tried to abuse them while crossing the checkpoints. The soldiers tried to offer the children money for doing immoral acts, but the children fled and threw stones at the soldiers.