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Dried figs ... a heritage industry and an excellent income source for the people of Homs countryside

Dried figs are a delicious fruit which contain a package of nutrients and offer a variety of health benefits. They have high levels of Vitamin C, Vitamin E and calcium, zinc, minerals, magnesium and manganese potassium.

Dried figs are made from Fig fruits, and the "grandmother" method for making food is still used a lot.  The families that are working in this industry dry the figs, rinse gently and pat with a clean cloth to dry them. Then they place them under the sun to dry and collect them at night. Again, they place them in a pot of boiling water and expose them to sun heat once again until they become dry and weathered.

Armenia has historic friendship with Syria and close positions on various issues




Damascus, (ST) - The Syrian-Armenian relations are characterized as friendly relations in a reflection of the deep-rooted history between the two countries and as a result of similar positions on various human, cultural and political issues in a way that serves the interests of the peoples of the two countries and safeguards the principles of maintaining international peace and security, respecting the sovereignty of states and not interfering in their internal affairs.

On the 21st of September, Armenia celebrates the 29th anniversary of its national day, while history records the stance of the Syrian people with the Armenians who were displaced by the Ottoman occupation from their areas in Cilicia and Trabzon and others, thus becoming a component of the Syrian people.

In the ministerial statement before the People's Assembly, Eng. Arnous confirms enhancing the nation's steadfastness, increasing production, and improving the living situation

 The People's Assembly held its first ordinary session of the third legislative term to discuss the ministerial statement of the government that includes its work program for the next phase. The session was held under the chairmanship of   Hammouda Sabbagh, Speaker of the People’s Assembly, in the presence of the Prime Minister, Engineer Hussein Arnous, and the ministers.

At the beginning of the session, the Assembly referred a number of draft laws to the special committees to study and prepare the necessary reports on them.

In a speech before the PA, Sabbagh affirmed that the People's Assembly and the Ministers will work together to serve the interests of the people and the nation, indicating that Syria has successfully passed an important stage in confronting aggression, terrorism and all kinds of economic, media, psychological and diplomatic wars that are in constant escalation, especially after the great victories achieved by the Syrian Arab Army.

Story collection “When I decided to kill my wife” sheds light on suffering due to terrorism

The story collection “When I decided to kill my wife” is  the early work of the writer Kifah Razzouk. . Its short stories shed light on the methods of conspiracies and terrorism that Syria was exposed to, based on the reality he lived in,in his hometown in Idlib countryside.He  compared what the homeland provided to its sons to the crimes of terrorism.

The story collection that  that the author titled “When I decided to kill my wife” tells in detail what the author, his wife and some women were subjected to in terms of being pursued by terrorists and attempts to kidnap and attack homes where the women preferred to die rather than being kidnapped by terrorist organizations.

Russia: Preserving the nuclear agreement with Iran is still in effect

Russia stressed that Resolution 2231 on Iran is still in effect with all its provisions, and that the United States should not speak on behalf of the UN Security Council.

Sputnik quoted the Russian Foreign Ministry as saying in a statement after Washington announced the resumption of UN sanctions on Iran that “the United States continues to mislead the international community by speculating that the UN Security Council will take measures to reactivate its decisions on sanctions against Iran, which were canceled after signing the Joint Comprehensive Action Plan in 2015 ”.