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Palmyra's funeral scenes ... evidence of an ancient Syrian civilization

The monuments and funeral buildings of Palmyra were valuable scientific material for archaeologists, as they adopted a study and research that distinguished between those intended for the public class of the Tadmuri community and the huge funeral cemeteries of the rich class.

The Palmyrian funerary monuments are of great importance because not only because of their type of funerary monument, but also because it is one of the oldest remains of Palmyra, as most of them date back to the first century AD. Even the symbols and meanings of these monuments related to the world of death and its associated concepts, for this they were classified into several groups according to the inscriptions and images they carried.

The funerary tombstones known in al-Tadmuriyyah language as “Nafsh”, which means the person or the soul. i.e. it was a representation of the buried  person, as it was planted inside a group of small stone pieces above the grave , where an inscription in al-Tadmuriyyah was engraved indicating the deceased, while we find other tombstones containing the funeral feast  which represents the  Palmyrian family with all its members.

Bachelet warns against exacerbation of human rights violations committed by the Turkish regime & terrorists in the north of Syria

Geneva (ST): The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet has warned against the aggravation of human rights violations committed by the Turkish regime and the terrorist organizations affiliated to it in the areas it occupied to the north of Syria.

In a statement published on the internet by UN High Commission for Human Rights, Bachelet said that during the past few months gross violations were perpetrated in the areas of Efrin, Tel Abyad and Ras al-Ein and other nearby areas including killing, abduction and confiscation of lands.

She added that the infighting between terrorist organizations stationed in these areas resulted in the fall of civil victims and the destruction of infrastructure, stressing that these terrorist organizations seized houses of civilians and public and private properties.

Bachelet went on to say that the UNHCR has documented acts of abduction for children and women demanding that the Turkish regime abide by international law and guarantee the halt of the crimes committed by the terrorist organizations stationed to the north of Syria.

Outstanding Syrian students at the secondary school certificate: Meeting Mrs. Al-Assad is motivation for more success and achievement

Damascus (ST): The outstanding Syrian students at the secondary school certificate, who were honored by Mrs. Asma’a al-Assad, affirmed that their meeting with Mrs. Al-Assad was a motivation for them to press ahead with their hard work and studies despite all challenges and difficult circumstances - so that they contribute to the building of their homeland.

Student al-Ayham Qara Ahmad, who got the full mark in the scientific branch, said, “ Our meeting with Mrs. Asma’a al-Assad was a wonderful dream I’ve dreamt of since the beginning of the academic year,” adding that Mrs. Asma’a expressed happiness and pride in our success and offered us a lot of advice so that we become an example to be followed by the forthcoming generations.

He added that obtaining the full mark was the fruit of persistent work and planning, referring to the crucial role played by the administrative and teaching staff in supporting students, especially in light of the spread of the coronavirus pandemic and the precautionary measures taken to combat it.

Student Shahed al-Azbeh from Damascus Countryside, who has also got the full mark in the scientific branch said, “ We were honoured by meeting Mrs. Al-Assad who encouraged us to continue our university studies in the specialization we wish and love to achieve more accomplishments that open the way for us to contribute to the reconstruction of our homeland.

Adventurers Explore a Valley in Lattakia that Combines the Four Seasons

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Enchanting landscapes and waterfalls  accompanied the participants in the  “Four Seasons”  walking tour  organized by   the Syrian adventurer team in  “Qassis”  River Valley in the depths of the eastern Haffah countryside in Lattakia .  

The walking tour comes within the framework of supporting and promoting adventure tourism and environmental exploration , which has witnessed notable growth.  

The 60 participants in the walk enjoyed moments of fun , adventure, excitement  and green plush trees that shade the stream extending over a distance of 3.5 km. 

Leader of the Syrian adventure team Ibrahim Sa’od, said in a statement to the Syriatimes e-newspaper  that the valley allows its visitors to experience the four seasons at the same time as the route  combines the sunny summer atmosphere,  the splendor of the spring season with its bright colors , the coldness of winter when crossing the rocky gorges and the autumn poetry with its yellow and brown leaves scattered on the gray rocks to complete the magic of the landscape with water glittering under the sunlight flowing from among the interwoven branches and the rich green color of the surrounding trees and plants, as if it were a very elaborate painting.

Al-Jaafari: The West won’t be able to conceal consequences of its economic terrorism against Syria, humanitarian allegations won’t hide its crimes

New York (ST):  Syria's permanent representative to the UN Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari affirmed that the Western states, which are imposing coercive economic measures on the Syrian people, would not be able to conceal the consequences of their economic terrorism on Syria, noting that the humanitarian allegations would not hide the reality of their crimes which aim at suffocate Syrian citizens, put more pressure on the Syrian state, hinder the reconstruction process and the return of the displaced.

During a UN security Council session on the humanitarian situation in Syria, held through video conference, al-Jaafari said that 75 years after the victory in the World War II and the foundation of the UN, the school of the former German propaganda  minister Joseph Golez, which was based on the idea that "if you tell a big lie and continued to mention it, people will believe it later." is still a policy adopted by the representatives of many Western states. This is clearly manifested in the Western states representatives' allegations that the coercive measures being imposed on Syria illegally do not target the Syrian people and that  they are exerting huge efforts to make humanitarian and medical exceptions and offer aid to Syrians claiming that the Syrian government was depriving its citizens who are infected with corona-virus from treatment.