Egypt affirms that Syria's stability and unity is part of Arab and Egyptian National Security

CAIRO, (ST)_Member of Defense and National Security Committee at the Egyptian Parliament Tamer al-Sh'hawi has affirmed that his country considers the stability and unity of Syria as part of both Arab and Egyptian National Security.

In a statement to RT, al-Sh'hawi highly appreciated yesterday's remarks of the Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Moallem about Syria's readiness to support Egypt to preserve its national security.

Israeli rocket attack on Syrian military positions in Hama

Today at 00:45, the Israel enemy carried out a rocket attack on Syrian military positions in Salameyeh and Sabboura areas in Hama countryside, a military source said. 
It added that the Syrian Air Defenses intercepted the rockets and downed a lot of them before reaching their goals. 
"The Israeli attack left material damages, and No casualties were reported," the source affirmed.
Basma Qaddour

Syrian Air Defenses confront attacks on military positions in Sweida and Der Ezzour

Syrian military source drclared: "Today at 21:17,  enemy planes came from east and northeast Palmyra and fired several rockets on Syrian military positions in Kabajeb town in the west of Der Ezzour and in al-Sekhneh area. This attack coincided with another attack on one of our military positions in Salkhad city in south Sweida where 2 Syrian soldiers were martyred and 4 others wounded. The attack also left material damages."
Basma Qaddour

Al-Bokamal city's residents condemn the US sanctions against Syria

DER EZZOUR, (ST)_The residents of al-Bokamal city in Der Ezzour province have held a national rally to express their condemnation of the US economic measures against Syria.

The participants in the rally raised the national flags and banners condemning the so-called the 'Caesar Act' .

They affirmed the Syrian people's stand by their Army and their leadership against the unfair blockade being imposed on the country.
The participants in the rally stressed that the measures being adopted against the people of Syria will only increase their resistance to achieve self-sufficiency.

Basma Qaddour

Three persons recover from Corona virus

The Ministry of Health has announced that 3 persons infected with the Corona virus have recovered.

The total number of infected persons with the Corona virus has become 219, 86 persons have recovered and 7 have died, the ministry added.