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Syria's Struggle Against the French Occupation in A New Book by Ihssan Hindi

The last stage of the French occupation of Syria, which lasted for nearly a quarter of a century, was the bloodiest, as this colonialist thought that committing more crimes against the Syrian people would make them give up their demand for independence.

Historian Dr. Ihssan Hindi presents, in a new book he reviewed and commented on, entitled "France's aggression against Syria, May-June 1945, by the Unknown Soldier", examples of the  occupation’s terrorist attacks against unarmed Syrian civilians since March 1945, as the crimes of the occupation were confined to remote villages and public roads before they included cities, to reach its climax in the aggression of May 29 of the same year.

Syrian expatriate gets the title of best doctor of the year 2020 in Ukraine

Odessa, (ST) - The Syrian expatriate doctor, Arefal-Muhammad, was named best doctor for the year 2020 in the southern region of Ukraine, in a popular vote organized by the Ukrainian city of Odessa administration in cooperation with local TV stations.

Dr. al-Muhammad is a dentist and owner of the largest dental center in Odessa, known for his high competency and for providing the best dental  treatment and Orthodontics methods, in addition to playing a major role in providing medical aid to the children of Arab communities and citizens and participating in all the activities of the Syrian community in Odessa .He is the representative of the Union of Arab Doctors in Ukraine.

Trump’s statements on targeting President al-Assad reflect a policy as practiced by bandits in reaching its goals

The Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates has underscored that the Trump Administration adopts the same policy of terrorist groups to reach its goals. 
The remarks were made by a source at the ministry commenting on the US Administration’s statement made yesterday on targeting President Bashar al-Assad. 

The Syrian Virtual University (SVU), vision and challenges

  Online learning has become immensely popular in the 21st century, resulting in the creation of universities that exist only online.

The Syrian Virtual University is an accredited state university established by a legislative decree in 2002. It is based on online learning that uses the Internet to deliver lessons. Students can obtain a university degree if they have a computer system that meets the technological requirements of that virtual university.

The SVU seeks to occupy a prominent and leading position among global universities in the field of E-learning in the region. The aim is to qualify human resources in order to meet international academic and professional standards and to meet the needs of the national and regional labor markets in various domains. 

The SVU also plans to attract the best educational and research experiences and make them part of a scientific network in which the learner and the graduate can interact.

Syria Times interviewed DR. Khalil Ajami, President of the Syrian Virtual University, who kindly answered our questions.

Cultural activity of the Cuban Embassy on the anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations with Syria

Damascus,(ST)-The Embassy of the Republic of Cuba in Damascus held a cultural event marking the 55th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations with Syria, at the Arab Cultural Center in Abu Rummaneh.

In his speech, the Cuban Ambassador in Damascus Miguel Porto Parga affirmed his country's firm and supportive stance for the Syrian people and their legitimate leadership in their war against global terrorism, considering that Syria, by confronting terrorism, is defending the peoples of the whole world.

Porto Parga referred to the depth of the historical relations between the two countries and their mutual support in international forums on issues of concern to their peoples, in addition to their common struggle against imperialist designs in defense of peace and freedom.

The Cuban ambassador pointed out that Syria and Cuba have faced hostile policies that are based on economic and commercial suffocation, considering that the struggle for independence and sovereignty is a struggle for the future and building the country and a just society.

During the celebration, a documentary film was shown that included the most important historical stages in the relations between the two countries, including visits by official delegations, in addition to the agreements signed between them, and the presentation of art paintings by the plastic artist Doaa Bastati.