Tourism Situation in Tartous:

The Syrian tourism industry is facing big problems and obstacles, similar to the neighboring states of Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey.

Coronavirus pandemic and the inflation of prices as well as the shortage of male professional tourist staff due to conscription were the main problems affecting the tourism sector in Syria. 

Syria’s tourist officials and managers expressed to Syria Times these problems and how they work hard to overcome them.

44 new industrial and craft facilities in Tartous since the beginning of 2020

The industrial sector in Tartous is striving to overcome the difficulties that impede its growth, especially the conditions of the industrial license which deprive the governorate of important industrial investments that absorb the surplus of agricultural production as a factor for oils, juices and consortium and employ a large number of workers.

Eng. Ammar Ali, Director of Tartous Industry, underlined  the importance of mobilizing efforts with the relevant ministries to address the economic blockade by amending laws that impede industrial development and create appropriate conditions for local investments. He referred to amending the condition of classification of soil and distance from the forest, as most of the governorate’s lands are agricultural and the rest is forests. Eng. Ali highlighted the importance of securing the necessary financing for the completion of projects of industrial and craft areas, putting them into investment at the maximum speed, and securing financial support for the owners of the licensed projects to implement them.

Russian DM: Terrorists prepare for provocative chemical attacks in Idleb

Moscow (ST): The Russian Defense Ministry has announced that Al-Nusra Front terrorists were preparing for a farcical  chemical attack in a number of villages in Idleb countryside using explosive bottles filled with poisonous materials to lay blame on the Syrian Arab Army for such attacks.

President of the Russian Coordination Center in Hmeimim Alexander Sherapetsky said that he had information on such provocations.  “Terrorists produced 15 explosive bottles filled with unknown toxic materials in a laboratory in the town of Sarmada in Idleb city,” he said, adding that  locals mentioned that “Jabhat al-Nusra” terrorists are preparing to launch provocative false chemical attacks in the towns of Sfohen, Fatera and Flaifel with the aim of accusing the Syrian Arab Army of using chemical weapons.

“Beit El-Wadi” Cave ... a Unique Tourist Attraction in Tartous

The Cave of “ Beit al-Wadi “  is one of the most magnificent  and important caves in Syria as it represents  a   historical and natural treasure  and enchants  all  its visitors due to  its internal and external beauty .

The Cave of “ Beit El-Wadi” is located  in the town of Dwair  Reslan in  Tartous  , 18 km north -east of Draykish.

It  is a famous  natural artistic   underground, and although it was closed years ago before  visitors, the surrounding area is still a destination for lovers  of popular tourism, where it is located in a green area  among  a  group of fresh springs and rivers.

Syrian Artist defeats her disability in "Girls" Exhibition

Although she was born without limbs, her strength and will of life helped her to be a distinguished artist. Duaa al-Bestati uses her feet to draw beautiful paintings and this makes her an example to be followed.

The artist is currently holding her solo exhibition under the title "Girls" at the Arab Cultural Center in Abou Rumaneh, Damascus. Duaa displays about 32 paintings, most of them are glass paintings, that  depict the different states and conditions of women living in our society, beside her own life.

 Duaa said to Syria times(e-newspaper) :"each painting in this exhibition depicts a story of a girl : dancer, reader, flute player, nurse and others.In addition some of my works  show sad Syrian girls who still have hope". Moreover, the young artist also pointed out that in this exhibition she tried to present the idea of tied hands and masks that reflect the other side of each person.

About her artistic experience, al-Bestati has managed to develop her experience by herself through following training courses. Her ambition is to be an international artist.

She uses the black color in the background of her paintings in harmony with other colors such as burgundy and green to reflect her emotions and inner side.

Rabab Ahmad, the director of the Arab Cultural Center, said that Duaa is a talented artist, she defeated her disability and succeeded in being one of the famous artists by her  strong will and intuitions.

It is worth mentioning that Duaa is a graduate from Fine arts Faculty, she has held many exhibitions inside and outside Syria.


Interviewed by: Nada Haj khidr