Opening of the popular market from producer to consumer in Aleppo

The Small and Medium Enterprises Development Authority in cooperation with the Governorate of Aleppo and with the participation of 153 production projects from various governorates of the country held currently a popular market that included  the display of products of food ,textile industries, clothes, school stationery, detergents, sterilization materials, soap, chemical and plastic industries. The activities of the popular market began on Saturday evening at Hamdaniya stadiums in Aleppo.

Ihab Asmander, Director General of the Small and Medium Enterprises Development Authority, stated in a statement to SANA correspondent in Aleppo that within the promotion program of the Authority, a shopping festival for small and medium enterprises was organized with the participation of the governorates of the country .The aim is giving owners of small and medium enterprises the opportunity to market their products and display them directly to the consumer, which contributes to reducing about 35%  prices of products.

The 15-day festival constitutes an important opportunity to exchange experiences and facilitate the marketing process for their products and thus improve and activate commercial movement in the Syrian market, Asmander added.

A number of participants told SANA reporter that they displayed their products and marketed them directly from the producer to the consumer at reduced prices, with the aim of activating the movement of the market and meet the needs of citizens. The participants highlighted the facilities provided by the Small and Medium Enterprises Development Authority to display their products for free at cost prices to help the citizen to shopping.

Syrian Scientist Mamoun Taher wins the largest innovation prize in Sweden

 STOCKHOLM, (ST)- Syrian scientist and researcher, Dr. Mamoun Taher, has won the SKAPA award, Sweden's largest innovation prize, for his prestigious research on developing the Graphene material and applying the Graphene technology in different industries.

Last year, Dr. Taher received the King's Award for Science and Technology in Sweden for the best scientific research that has positive impacts on the development of human civilization.

In a statement to SANA, Dr. Taher said he will continue doing research that makes a difference in life through presenting research works and patents, speeding up innovation and developing the skills of the group of researchers working with him so that this group will be the first option and reference for researchers in Graphene technology around the world.

Nebenzia: Use of chemical weapons by the terrorist organizations is deliberately ignored

New York (ST): Russia’s permanent representative at the UN Vassily Nebenzia reiterated that all the incidents in which the Syrian government was accused of using chemical weapons were fabricated and provocative, referring that Syria has met all its commitments and destroyed all its chemical weapons.

During a UNSC session on the status in the Middle East that was held through video conference, Nebenzia affirmed that Syria has no intention to use chemical weapons, but the use of chemical weapons by the terrorist organizations is being flagrantly and deliberately ignored.

The Russian envoy indicated that in 2013, the Syrian government sent more than 200 letters to the UN General Secretariat about the chemical attacks launched by the terrorist organizations but no measures were taken by the UN.

UN: 389 Palestinian houses demolished by Israel since last March

Occupied Jerusalem (ST): The UN Office for Humanitarian Affairs OCHA said that the Israeli occupation authorities have demolished 389 Palestinian houses since the spread of the coronavirus pandemic last March.

The Palestinian News Agency quoted OCHA report as saying that the period between March and August 2020 witnessed the demolition of 389 houses by the Israeli occupation authorities at a rate of 65 houses monthly, the highest rate in four years, noting that the demolition should be halted immediately.

Al-Jaafari: Syria has abided by all its commitments as a result of its joining the agreement of banning chemical weapons

New York (ST): Syria’s permanent representative at the UN Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari reiterated the falseness of the allegations mongered by some Western governments regarding the chemical file in Syria, stressing that Syria has abided by all its commitments resulting from its joining the agreement that banned chemical weapons and destroyed all its chemical weapons since 2014 and this requires the closure of this file completely.

During the UN Security Council meeting on the Status in the Middle East, held through video conference, al-Jaafari expressed the Syrian delegation’s severe objection to the participation of the representative of the Turkish regime, which is a sponsor of terrorism, in this meeting. He reminded members of the Council that because of Erdogan’s support for the terrorist organizations, they managed to commit many crimes, including those perpetrated by using chemical weapons. This issue, al-Jaafari added, was confirmed by the

Turkish media referring to what was published by a Turkish newspaper in 2012 about the terrorists’ manufacture of poisonous gases in a laboratory in Gazi Entab city and the reports related to the smuggling of Sarin gas from Libya to the terrorist organizations operating in Syria.

The Syrian diplomat clarified that since the adoption of the UNSC resolution No.2118 in September 2013, some UNSC members have been working to hold monthly sessions, that have amounted to 84 in number, without any clear objective except trying to blackmail Syria and its allies regarding the chemical file. He noted that the US, British and French governments do not want to recognize the established fact that in June 2014, head of the joint committee for eliminating chemical weapons in Syria submitted her final report to the UNSC in which she affirmed that Syria committed to all its pledges and destroyed all its chemical weapons.

The same issue was confirmed by the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical weapons.

Al-Jaafari also pointed out that the UNSC closed the so-called file of Joint Investigation Mechanism in November 2017 because of the irresponsible practices of the team which was subjected to pressure imposed by the US, Britain and France to issue biased reports against Syria and accuse it of using chemical weapons against civilians.