Iraq hopes to boost bilateral ties with Syria, says Iraq President Talabani

BAGHDAD(ST)-Iraqi President Jalal Talabani has voiced his country's willingness to boost bilateral relations with Syria and expanding ties in all domains in the benefit of  both brotherly peoples.

Talabani's remarks were released in a statement on the Iraqi Republic Presidency's web site on Thursday after receiving the new Syrian Ambassador to Iraq Sattam Jjad'an Dandah.

The statement quoted President Talabani as saying "Syria enjoys a special status in the hearts of Iraqis.

"Bolstering ties between Syrians and Iraqis is a must ,"Talabani underscored.

He  pointed out that Iraq will spare no effort to make  the fresh ambassador's mission  a success.

For his part ,Dandah stressed that he will exert further efforts to boost ties between both countries in the benefits of the two  brotherly peoples.


Any Foreign Aggression on Syria will lead to Catastrophic Consequences on the Region, says Mikdad

DAMASCUS, (ST) "any foreign military aggression on Syria will be costly and lead to catastrophic consequences on the region, "underscored Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister, Dr. Fayssal Mikdad.

Interviewed by al-Manar TV Channel on Thursday, Mikdad clarified that a psychological war has been launched against Syria since the beginning of 2011 and those who think of waging aggression on Syria should consider the consequences of such aggression on the entire region.

Mikdad described the western fierce campaign against Syria over allegations of chemical weapons as "dramatic", reiterating that if chemical weapons exist in Syria, they will definitely not be used against the Syrian people.

Mikdad voiced deep concern over a western scheme to provide terrorists with chemical weapons to accuse the Syrian army of using them in order to justify the military intervention.

"Israel has the upper hand in the ongoing events in Syria and the Arab region, adding that the U.S. administration is embracing the allegations of chemical weapons and all formulas that help rescue Israel from the impasse in which it has put itself due to its policies of occupation and settlement in the Arab region,"affirmed al-Mikdad.

As for solving the crisis in Syria,al-Mikdad emphasized that the solution to the crisis in Syria is a political one.

He added that Russia asked Turkey to stop its support and facilitation of gunmen's flow to Syria and called upon the EU and the US not to interfere in Syria's affairs.

Mikdad said the ballot box will be the decisive criterion among all parties that will determine who will lead Syria, adding that Russia, which rejects any military intervention in any part of the world, cannot negotiate on the behalf of the Syrian people because it respects its sovereignty.

He added that there are some countries which came under the rule of Muslim Brotherhood groups are working to isolate Syria, pointing out that these groups support terrorism in Syria, unlike the peoples of these counties who support Syria and its people, and they will expose the reality of these groups.


Mikdad said that Turkey's request to deploy Patriot missiles on the Syrian-Turkish borders indicates its bankruptcy, adding that the problem lies in the policy of the Turkish "Brotherhood" government towards Syria as Erdogan's government appeals to the NATO to interfere against the Syrian people who have good feelings towards the Turkish people.

Furthermore, Turkey has armed the terrorists and called upon al-Qaeda terrorists to come and opened its borders for them to enter Syria, then it funded, harbored and trained them, but all this has yielded nothing on the ground that may give the impression that the Turkish government led by Erdogan is achieving its goals.

Concerning the  Future Bloc's involvement  in the current  events in Syria and the confession of Oqab Saqr on supplying terrorists with money and arms, Mikdad wondered if Syria can just stand and do nothing while Saad al-Hariri and Oqab Saqr provide money and arms to terrorists to kill the Syrian people.

Mikdad said that the French stances have become disgustingly hackneyed and supportive of terrorism, adding that all those who provoked hostility towards Syria, namely Chirac or Sarkozy, are gone and the Syrian leadership is still there.

''Saudi Arabia's latest stances have no logic to them, and are devoid of any purported interest in the wellbeing and sovereignty of Syria. The Saudi ruling family sides with terrorism in Syria, that's why we urge Saudi Arabia to change course and refrain from backing terrorism.

The  Arab governments' stances  on Syria ,Mikdad went on saying,do not reflect the stances of their own peoples, stressing that the Arab masses support Syria.



Al-Zou'bi: Saqr's support to terrorists violates Agreements Signed with Lebanon

DAMASCUS, (ST)- Information Minister Omran al-Zou'bi has stressed that the crime committed by Lebanese MP Oqab Saqr and his group against Syria aimed to assassinate a whole people and a sovereign state, pointing out that Saqr had admitted that he committed a crime against the Syrian people by his involvement in funding and arming terrorist groups in Syria.

In his presentation at a people's Assembly (PA) session held on Wednesday to answer MPs inquiries about issues connected to the work of the ministries of Information, Higher Education and Justice, Al-Zou'bi stressed that Syria is greatly interested in the security of Lebanon being part of national and regional security.

"The Syrians won't change their stances towards Lebanon though some of the Lebanese had attempted to harm Syria," al-Zou'bi said.

 "The security of the Lebanese people is sacred to all the Syrians and bringing Saqr to trail is the responsibility of the Lebanese judiciary and a right to both peoples of Syria and Lebanon,' he added.

Regarding the Information Ministry's work, al-Zou'bi said the ministry is keen to benefit from the expertise of national media retired journalists, pointing out that in the post-crisis era, work will focus on transmitting the programs of all national TV channels on the internet to be available to all.

The Minister referred to the notable progress achieved in the performance of political programs' presenters on national screens, stressing that the open dialogue sessions they usually hold have had essential effect in the domestic and Arab scene.

The minister also outlined the development of the e-media and the support accorded to Syrian drama under the instructions of President Bashar al-Assad.

H. Moustafa  

Syria Defends its People against Armed Terrorist Attacks,says al-Moallem

DAMASCUS, (ST) –"Syria is defending its people against the armed terrorist attacks and the terrorists who come from several countries, "said Deputy Prime Minister, Foreign and Expatriates Minister, Walid al-Moallem.

Al-Moallem  remarks came during a meeting with Commissioner-General of the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) Filippo Grandi on Wednesday.

Both  sides reviewed cooperation between Syria and the organization in light of the attack launched against Syria.

"Syria will spare no effort to provide the UNRWA with all facilities, "stressed al- Moallem.

Al-Moallem briefed Grandi on the conspiracy hatched against Syria, indicating that the armed terrorist groups are destroying the infrastructure of the Syrian economy, terrifying civilians, killing them and committing crimes against them in line with the war they waged against the Syrian Arab Army.

In this respect, al-Moallem  referred to the terrorist attack against al-Bteiha School in al-Wafideen Camp in Damascus Countryside on Tuesday which led to the martyrdom of nine students and a teacher.

For his part, Grandi expressed appreciation for the aid provided by the Syrian government to the Palestinian refugees.

" UNRWA is still working in Syria, rejecting all attempts to get the Palestinian refugees involved in the crisis in Syria", underscored Grandi, adding" the Palestinians' main cause is their adherence to the Palestinian people's legitimate rights.


The Turkish Escalation


It is hard to explain the attitude made by Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan toward the crisis in Syria, unless we read the Turkish Political calculations and study Erdogan's dreaming project.

 Erdogan wants to lead the Islamic world by using new Sultanate concepts and the new Islamic movements (Muslim Brotherhood) in the region.

These Islamic movements removed and mounted on the popular movement in many Arabs countries.

 A new pact between U.S.A and Emerging Islamic movements (Muslim Brotherhood) was made to create a new middle east, this pact had been prepared since Obama speech in 2009.

Obama speech described the smooth power, the American values and Abandonment of  military power to keep the U.S. strategic interests and American National Security.

This pact will become future US strategy to serve the new American strategy in our region.

U.S.A.  uses another way to do this strategy; this way has less economic, human cost by using regional powers (Turkey) instead of Israel, because Israel is not qualified any longer to do this role due to the public mood and its negative attitude in the region.

American strategy and Erdogan's dreams met at this point because Erdogan's dream has an opportunity and momentary historical chance especially that Arab's region lives in unstable conditions.

We don't underestimate the street against some corrupt regimes in other countries, but we focus on the way especially that Emerging Islamic movements which hijacked the popular movement.

Former U.S. Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, had talked about the unstable conditions (Creative chaos). 

The only obstacle against the pact among US and western powers and the Emerging Islamic movements (Muslim Brother hood) will be Syria, so they (USA and Turkey) are trying to shift the Syrian from playing the role of Resistance.

The Turkish role comes here through the intervention of Syrian internal affairs by pushing situations to further escalation and blocking any opportunities for political solutions and taking the Syrian to the point of irreversibility. They believe this will lead to the fall of the Syrian political regime and will destroy the Syrian state through its depletion economically, militarily and socially; and this will pave the way for foreign opposition forces to gain power and implement strategies of the Western world (US-Israeli camp).

US, Western powers and Turkey were unable to defeat Syria by using the hard and soft powers, so they are waving the direct use of military force by installing Patriot missiles in Turkish land.

The missiles aim to achieve several objectives: first to protect Israel and Turkey from any attack (Syria, Iraq and Iran) and second to use Turkey as a platform for NATO against Russia and that will lead the region to cold war again.

This, however, will be reflected negatively on Turkish people and will serve US and Israel for free, and will push the people in the region for Conflict, infighting and rivalry.


Dr. Khalf al-Miftah

Translation: M.T