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Central Bank of Syria and representatives of international organizations highlight cooperation to support Syrian citizens

In the meeting held today at the Central Bank of Syria (CBS) with representatives of international organizations operating in Syria, the participants stressed the importance of cooperation with the bank to enhance the programs and projects of these organizations, which aim at providing support and humanitarian assistance to Syrian citizens.

The areas planted with wheat have increased by 17%

On January 15, Engineer Abdul Moeen Qadmani, Director of Plant Production at the Ministry of Agriculture, said that there was an increase in the areas planted with wheat and barley for the current season compared to the previous season due to the increase in the amount of rainfall and the return of farmers to their areas.

Qadmani said that the rate of implementation of the wheat cultivation plan this season reached 70 percent of the planned 1801094 hectares and in the barley cultivation  reached 96 percent of the planed 1499866 hectares.

Ministry of Transport achieves 891 billion SP proceeds in four years

Damascus (ST): The Ministry of Transport and the establishments affiliated to it have achieved a revenue of about 891 billion Syrian pounds during the past four years (from the beginning of 2016 until September 2019).

In a statement released today, the ministry said that the main bulk of the direct proceeds came from maritime transport 153 billion SP, followed by air navigation by about 139 billion SP and then land transport 130 billion SP, while the railway transport  achieved about 8 billions.

Hessya Industrial City Witnessed Significant Growth and Attracted 916 Investors in 2019

The Syrian government is sparing no effort in re-launching the industrial cities in a number of provinces and providing all needs to investors with the aim of boosting the national economy.

Hessya industrial city in Homs, which is distinguished by its important geographical location, attracts investors with different kinds of industries in the fields of: textile, food, engineering and chemistry.

Supported by a package of legislations and facilities, the industrial city of Hessya has witnessed significant growth during the last period   attracting about 916 investors during 2019 and providing about 30 thousand job opportunities.

High reserve dams support the agriculture of strategic spaces

Al-Hasakah, (ST) – The heavy rains that fell throughout the governorate of Hasaka led to an expansion in the cultivation of strategic crops such as wheat and barley, in addition to the rise in dam levels spread in the regions and areas of the governorate.

 Engineer Abdul-Razzaq al-Awak, Director of Water Resources in Hasaka indicated that the water reservoirs of the governorate have amounted to "632" million cubic meters, while the water stored last year in all dams and the same period was "393" million cubic meters.