Rehabilitation project of Al-Hatab Square in Old Aleppo underway

Within the framework of the government's project of reconstructing the terrorism-affected old city of Aleppo, the Military Construction Establishment - Aleppo branch- is conducting rehabilitation works at Al-Hatab Square in Al-Jadeeda neighborhood with an estimated cost of 200 million Syrian Pounds.

Eng. Husam Halabi, Head of the executive section in the Old City's Directorate told SANA reporter that the square, which was an area of social and commercial activities, has been severely damaged by terrorism, pointing out that the rehabilitation works are currently underway.

According to Halabi, Al-Hatab Square is one of the largest and most important squares that are located outside the ancient walls of the old city with an area of 2500 square meters. The square, which is part of the Al-Jadeeda neighborhood, is distinguished by its ancient Arab houses as well as old churches and mosques in addition to its being a site for internal tourism.

Life returns to normal to the ancient wool market in the old city of Aleppo

Aleppo (ST): Day after day, life returns to normal to the archaeological markets in the old city of Aleppo after rehabilitating and renovating them following the damage and destruction caused by terrorism, including the wool market, which returned to witness a viable movement that meets the needs of the people and contributes to some extent to reviving the local economy. 

Engineer Hussam Halabi, head of the implementation section  in the Old City Directorate, said that the people of Aleppo used to go to the old markets of Aleppo to shop and stroll because the market contains many unique hand-made and heritage products, referring to the importance of the wool market for the women of  Aleppo who have a hobby of making woolen clothes.

He explained that the wool market is part of Al-Jadida neighborhood and is well-known for its churches and mosques, one of which dates back to the Mamluk period.

Halabi added that  the Aleppo City Council in cooperation with the Old City Directorate and the parties concerned   rehabilitated the market’s infrastructure because it was subjected to acts of sabotage by terrorists, calling on the rest of the economic and commercial activities to return to their stores and workshops again.

3-star hotel will be established in Amrit area in Syria

With the aim of ensuring various tourist services with suitable prices in coastal area, Ministry of Tourism gave license for establishing a 3-star hotel that includes restaurants, cafes, medical points, pools and other services in Amrit area in Tartous province.  
The cost of the project reaches 6 billion Syrian Pound, according to a press released issued by the ministry.
Basma Qaddour

110 terrorism-affected schools in the city and countryside of Aleppo are being rehabilitated

Concerned committees in Aleppo Governorate and Aleppo Education Directorate are cooperating in rehabilitating and restoring 110 schools in the city and the countryside of Aleppo within the Syrian government's plan to restore the schools that were destroyed by terrorist organizations.

Member of the Executive Bureau for Education and Schools in Aleppo Governorate Dimitry Issa told SANA reporter that many schools have been completely restored and equipped and they are ready to be put into service by the beginning of the second semester.

"This will reduce the high number of students in each school," he said.

The judicial complex in the city of Al-Haffah in the countryside of Lattakia is back in service

Latakia, (ST) - The judicial complex in the city of Al-Haffah in the countryside of Lattakia is back in service after completing the process of repairing operations of the damage caused by terrorism, and the rehabilitation and restoration of the building and the commencement of work

The head of the Public Prosecution in Al-Haffah, Judge Bahjat Al-Ali, said in a statement to SANA's correspondent that, the restoration and rehabilitation work included the damaged sections that were destroyed by terrorist groups' attacks.