Syrian, Lebanese Economic Relations are Based on Solid Foundations

Damascus, (ST) – The Minister of Agriculture Eng. Ahmed Al-Qadri discussed here during his meeting with the Lebanese Ambassador in Syria Saad Zakhia the prospects of agricultural cooperation between the two countries and means of developing them.

 Mr. Al-Qadri stressed the importance of developing trade exchange between the two countries, particularly in the agricultural field, as well as activating memorandums of understanding and agreements between the two countries, which include plant protection, plant and veterinary quarantine, agricultural pesticides, agreements on animal health and standardization of licensing and importation of veterinary medicines and vaccines.

  He pointed to the need to establish an agricultural calendar to achieve balance in the exchange of products in the two brotherly countries and the need to facilitate the transferring Syrian saplings to Lebanon.

 For his part, the Lebanese ambassador affirmed his country's readiness to cooperate in the field of activating the bilateral agreements to serve the interests of the two countries, pointing out the importance of the Syrian agricultural sector, which provides Lebanon with most of its agricultural consumption needs.

 On the other hand, the Minister of Economy and Foreign Trade Dr. Mohammad Samer Al-Khalil stressed that the economic relations between Syria and Lebanon are based on solid foundations, pointing out that the Lebanese side should reconsider some of the customs procedures currently adopted.

 During a meeting with the Lebanese ambassador to Syria SaadZakhia, Mr. Khalil said that the commercial activity between the two countries will restore its momentum, especially after overcoming the difficulties and obstacles that hinder cooperation between the two countries.

 Dr. Al -Khalil pointed out that the trade exchange between Syria and Lebanon reached about $ 345 million at the beginning of the 10thmonth of last year. He pointed out that Syrian exports to Lebanon mainly consist of vegetables, fruits and clothing, as well as marble and plastic products.

 The minister pointed to some aspects that would support the recovery of the national economy in light of the exceptional circumstances experienced by Syria, especially the return of the Lebanese side to consider the measures currently adopted.

 For his part, the Lebanese Ambassador stressed the importance of economic relations with Syria and its development, especially at the current stage in the interests of the two countries, reviewing some aspects of economic cooperation in the current stage and the horizon of their development on the basis of integration between the two brotherly economies.

 Sh. Kh.