Syria Participates in the 4th Yalta International Economic Forum

Yalta – Syria took part on Tuesday in the Yalta International Economic Forum. “This event has become a well-established tradition in which we welcome many friends and interested in working with us within the framework of the Russian Federation," said Sergei Ekionov, President of Crimea.

"The Syrian delegation is the most representative and broadest in this year's forum, and the 21st of this month will be devoted entirely to Syria within the framework of the forum," said Andre Nazarov, chairman of the forum's organizing committee.

 During his meeting with the Syrian delegation chaired by Minister of Economy and Foreign Trade Dr. Samer Al-Khalil, Aktionov said that Syria's participation gives added value to the work of the forum, pointing out that this participation also carries great political importance.

The Syrian delegation includes the governor of Lattakia, Ibrahim al-Salem, and 70 officials in the economic sector and businessmen.

Mr. Al-Salem said in an interview with SANA representative to Yalta that the reconstruction wheel started in Syria, which requires a large participation of specialized companies and primarily Russian companies, pointing out that the tourism sector will be a priority within the work of the forum, especially between Lattakia and the Crimea to develop joint work, pointing out that an agreement will be signed between the cities of Lattakia and Yalta.

Minister of Economy and Foreign Trade Dr. Samer Al-Khalil stressed that the Fourth International Economic Forum of Yalta is an important opportunity for Syria to present the opportunities and the investment plan associated with the reconstruction projects.

"During the forum, there will be communication between Syrian businessmen and their Russian counterparts, as well as officials in the Russian Federation and other friendly countries," Mr. Al -khalil said in an interview with SANA representative to Yalta in the Crimean Republic of Russia.

He pointed out that the Syrian delegation participating in the Fourth Yalta Forum includes businessmen from all fields of specializations and economic sectors, noting that this forum has achieved great successes during the last three sessions on the economic level. The current session will also be accompanied by an economic forum devoted to reconstruction in Syria.


Sh. Kh.