PM Khamis: Take advantage of the agricultural and industrial potentials to face the forced measures imposed on the Syrian people

On December 23,  Prime Minister Eng. Emad Khamis met with Members of the People's Assembly (Syrian Parliament) for the governorate of Sweida and discussed with them a number of issues related to improving the service and developments in the governorate.

The meeting tackled the importance of the integrative role between the members of parliament and governmental organizations to assess the economic, service, social and educational requirements of Sweida.

The MPs stressed the necessity of delivering heating oil to all the people of the governorate, improving the electricity supplies, compensating farmers for agricultural damages as a result of weather conditions and marketing the apple crop.

The Prime Minister said that the government continues to rely on itself and benefits from all natural, agricultural, artisan, and industrial potential to counter the unilateral coercive measures imposed on the Syrian people and to secure the requirements of the homeland.

 O. al-Mohammad