CBS (Commercial Bank of Syria): A Package of banking products & new loans offered in 2019

The Syrian Commercial Bank took several measures in 2019 to develop the laws regulating the granting of loans and banking services in an attempt to employ the available currency in support of production projects and offer new banking products such as the personal and educational loans.

According to the statements of the Bank about its achievements in 2019, the Bank offers investment loans to fund new projects or renew and expand old projects such as the purchase of machines, equipment, vehicles and expanding the buildings of the projects.

Moreover, the statements clarified, that the Bank also gives loans to finance the replacement of production lines and the industrial projects which were devastated as a result of terrorist acts.


The Bank is also seeking to launch new kinds of personal and investment loans that will attract the biggest category of citizens. The statements said that the package of loans offered by the Bank has witnessed a high turn-out by citizens, especially the personal loan as the number of requests submitted for this loan amounted to 372 daily.

As regards deposits and facilitating depositing measures and withdrawing in hard currency, the Bank also raised the interests of deposits in hard currency.

About fifty new cashing machines were imported in 2019 and they will be distributed to various Syrian governorates.