600 factories return to the Industrial City of Sheikh Najjar, Aleppo

The number of industrial establishments and factories in the Industrial City of Sheikh Najjar in Aleppo reached about 600, despite the damage the city suffered from terrorism and the looting of production lines and machines.

The Director of the Industrial City of Sheikh Najjar Engineer Hazem Ajan said rehabilitation process of infrastructure and industrial facilities in the 4412 hectares- City started with the liberation of Aleppo in 2016.

He added that the government supported more than 127 service projects of with a total value of more than 7.5 billion pounds. The projects included water and potable water projects, where two stations for industrial water pumping have been reused in an emergency manner and the reuse of 3 electrical transfer stations.


He said the number of production establishments and factories has reached 600, including 300 for the textile industry, 150 for the engineering industry, and the rest for the chemical and food industries, with 130 billion Syrian pounds capitals. 250 industrial facilities are to start working in the next few months.

Musa Al-Issa Al-Dukarli, owner of the Al-Khalil Mill the Industrial City of Sheikh Najjar said that he was forced by terrorist groups to close his mill. After the liberation of the City by the Syrian Arab Army, he reopened his mill again.


O. al-Mohammad