Installing 15 electrical transformers in villages and towns in the northern Hama countryside liberated from terrorism

Hama, ST- The General Electricity Company of Hama installed 15 electrical transformers of various capacities in a number of villages and towns in the northern governorate countryside that were damaged by terrorism.

The director of the company, Eng. Mohamad Al-Raidi, explained in a statement to Sana that the accomplished works are part of the efforts made to equip and rehabilitate the electric transfer centers that were damaged and  looted  by the terrorists, and to restore electrical power  to the areas of Souran, Taibat al-Imam, Ma`rdis and Kawkab. He added  that 5 transformers were installed in Souran.


Al-Raidi pointed out that the workshops continue their  maintenance works of a number of electrical transfer centers and electrical lines in a number of areas of the governorate, as part of a set of measures to meet the growing demand for electrical energy during the winter season.