Hessya Industrial City Witnessed Significant Growth and Attracted 916 Investors in 2019

The Syrian government is sparing no effort in re-launching the industrial cities in a number of provinces and providing all needs to investors with the aim of boosting the national economy.

Hessya industrial city in Homs, which is distinguished by its important geographical location, attracts investors with different kinds of industries in the fields of: textile, food, engineering and chemistry.

Supported by a package of legislations and facilities, the industrial city of Hessya has witnessed significant growth during the last period   attracting about 916 investors during 2019 and providing about 30 thousand job opportunities.

 “Significant increase in the investment revenues has been achieved during the last year and reached by the end of November about SYP 2. 247 billion “Dr. Bassam Al-Mansour Director of Hessya industerial city said in a statement to SANA.

He underlined that the value of revenues have achieved a noticeable increase between 2013 and 2018. The value of revenues   in 2013 reached   about SYP 211 million to gradually increase to 1. 780 billion in  2017 and   2.400 billion SYP in 2018.

Al-Mansour made clear that  the  investors in the city are heading towards  engineering industries  which play a vital role in  the reconstruction process Syria is witnessing and meet the needs of the  citizens, especially the manufacturing of lighting lamps, switches,  electrical transformers and   electrical  control units .

Rawaa Ghanam