Rehabilitation project of Al-Hatab Square in Old Aleppo underway

Within the framework of the government's project of reconstructing the terrorism-affected old city of Aleppo, the Military Construction Establishment - Aleppo branch- is conducting rehabilitation works at Al-Hatab Square in Al-Jadeeda neighborhood with an estimated cost of 200 million Syrian Pounds.

Eng. Husam Halabi, Head of the executive section in the Old City's Directorate told SANA reporter that the square, which was an area of social and commercial activities, has been severely damaged by terrorism, pointing out that the rehabilitation works are currently underway.

According to Halabi, Al-Hatab Square is one of the largest and most important squares that are located outside the ancient walls of the old city with an area of 2500 square meters. The square, which is part of the Al-Jadeeda neighborhood, is distinguished by its ancient Arab houses as well as old churches and mosques in addition to its being a site for internal tourism.

 Hamda Mustafa