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Re-boosting Syrian-Jordanian economic relations

The re-boosting of economic relations between Syria and Jordan depends basically on rearrangement of the Syrian-Jordanian relations and the removal of trade obstacles and moving the wheel of import and export between the two countries, the head of the Jordanian Chambers of Commerce, Nael Raja Al-Kabariti affirmed.

Al-Kabariti stressed the importance of lifting the financial restrictions related to transit, especially that the fees currently present in transport from the Syrian and Jordanian sides go beyond logic and increase the burdens and costs. Therefore, work must be done to re-activate relations to revive trade.


He added that, the concerned people in the Syrian government have a sincere wish to cooperate with the Jordanian side, reduce the burdens and resolving the outstanding issues to facilitate the flow of goods between the two countries.

He said that, the problem facing trade exchange between the two countries, Syria and Jordan lies in the need to lift the administrative restrictions and procedures imposed on the exchange of goods, and the financial fees imposed on transit movement between the two countries. This matter contributes in reducing the costs of export and road transport and contributes in establishing investment projects in cooperation with the governments of the two countries.

The Head of the Jordanian Chambers of Commerce revealed that arrangements are now underway to hold an exhibition “Made in Syria in Jordan.” There will be other joint exhibitions in addition to that very soon, and there will be an economic conference in Syria where businessmen from various Arab countries will be invited. The most important aspect to work on is to establish a joint Syrian, Jordanian and Iraqi tripartite to unify efforts and activate cooperation.

Al-Kabariti went on saying that, the Syrian government has assured us that facilities will be provided to hold joint exhibitions, and the most important thing is that the activation of trade exchange will contribute to the revival of the Syrian-Jordanian Business Council.

He added that, “as I am representing the side of Jordanian economy, we are in fact in contact with the Syrian side; and we will overcome all difficulties in coordination with the two countries.

Raghda Sawas