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50% of industrial facilities resume production in Tel Kurdi

Damascus Countryside (ST): The re-operating of the industrial facilities and factories continues in Tel Kurdi Industrial Zone as the infrastructure services have been completed there.

Director of the Industrial zones in Damascus Countryside engineer As'ad Khallouf said that the completion of the infrastructure services has greatly contributed to the resumption of production in 50 per cent of the industrial facilities in Tel Kurdi.

President Maduro: Syria has overcome terrorism- deserves peace

On January 25, Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro received Dr. Mohsen Bilal, Member of the Central Command of the Arab Socialist Ba'ath Party, in the Venezuelan capital Caracas on the sidelines of the “Global Forum for Life, Sovereignty and Peace, Anti- Imperialism”.

President Maduro affirmed his appreciation to Syria and its people, and to President Bashar al-Assad and his solidarity in fighting terrorism.

A Symposium on Political and Strategic Challenges in Syria and World in 2020

The Syrian Democratic and National Forces Conference and the Syrian National Action Commission have recently organized a symposium under the title ‘Political and Strategic Challenges in Syria and the World in 2020’ in Al-Rida Training Center in Damascus city.

Academics and political figures and civil society activists participated in the two-hour symposium.

Secretary General of the Syrian Democratic and National Forces Conference Dr. Elian Musa’ad , the moderator of the session,  gave an in-depth analysis on the challenges Syria and the Arab world will face in 2020.

Syrian Academics: "Caesar Act" a new form of American war on the Syrians

DAMASCUS, (ST)-Some countries, known for their enmity to Syria, mainly the United States, have not only supported terrorism for years in Syria, rather, they have imposed coercive economic measures that targeted the basic needs of the Syrian people and their livelihood in various aspects of life, with the aim of undermining their steadfastness, hampering the Syrian army's progress in the battle against terrorism and creating economic problems that hinder reconstruction.

The so-called “Caesar Act” and the aggressive measures it contains which suffocate Syrian economy, is one of most remarkable forms of  American war against the Syrian people, according to Dr. Akram Al-Hourani, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Economics at Damascus University. He indicated that the “Caesar Act” measures target all the countries and companies that deal with the Syrian Central Bank.

Economic experts: Cabinet decision to activate electronic payment system is important

Damascus (ST): The decision taken recently to activate the electronic payment system by the cabinet is considered an important step, especially with regard to paying the prices of purchased estates and cars.

Deputy Governor of Syrian Central Bank Dr. Mohammad Ibrahim Hamra said that one of the most important objectives of such decision aims at spreading banking awareness among citizens and creating the appropriate atmosphere for electronic system, noting that the e payment has become an urgent need.