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Syria faces terrorist way of thinking made by the West

It has become known that terrorism and most of its organizations have been created by the West with the aim of implementing plots that target countries and their peoples that refuse to say YES to the US and Western dictates.
The western countries try to distort the image of Islam and to link terrorism to Islam before the public opinion,however it is well known that Islam has nothing to do with terrorism.
“These countries seek to spread the west-backed terrorism in the region and to fragment the countries and impoverish their peoples with the aim of serving the Zionist entity's interests”, Head of Awqaf Directorate in Damascus countryside Sheikh Kheder Shahrour said.
He made it clear that terrorism came  from  the “Muslim Brotherhood” and the “Wahhabism” that work within the framework of overt US-Western logistic plot.  “Syria is the best example of coexistence that represents the deeply-rooted Syrian civilization. It has played an important role in limiting the danger of the Wahhabi thinking through clarifying what is going on in Syria and focusing on disseminating awareness among youths,” Shahrour added.
He pointed out that Syria established the International Islamic Al-Sham center to combat  terrorism and extremism and to enhance scientific research and training in accordance with the address of Sham clergymen to be alongside the Syrian Arab army in fighting terrorism.
In this context, lawyer Bassam Qashmar said that Syria issued in 2012 three laws to fight terrorism and to punish terrorists, who committed crimes in the name of religion.
“Those terrorists are supported by western, Israeli and American intelligence agencies,” the lawyer stated, indicating that Washington has worked on distorting the image of Islam through modern techniques and cinema.
He called for prosecuting countries that support terrorism. 
Basma Qaddour