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Israeli occupation escalates attacks on the occupied city of Jerusalem, putting religious sites under fire

Occupied Jerusalem (ST):  Amid suspicious international weakness and complete American support, the Israeli occupation is escalating its attacks on the occupied city of Jerusalem, putting the Islamic and Christian sanctities there under the fire of accelerated Judaization , the last of which was the demolition of the Umm Qusah mosque in the Msafer Yata area, south of Hebron, in the West Bank, within the framework of judaizing the holy city and removing any Palestinian legacy to it.

The plans to Judaize Palestinian sacred places constitute part of a comprehensive war waged by the Israeli occupation against the occupied city of Jerusalem, with the aim of creating an imbalance in the demographic status in it, which the Palestinian Ministry of Endowments and Religious Affairs considered as a war crime. It said following the demolition of Umm Qusah mosque: “This act is a war crime, a blatant assault on sanctities in occupied Palestine, and a flagrant violation to be added to the list of Israeli savage crimes against holy sites.

The Ministry did not exaggerate when it warned that there are no longer safe places of worship in light of the continuous attacks and violations by the occupation and its extremist settlers, as the demographic war led by the Israeli occupation is not based on Judaizing holy sites only, but on the adoption of a policy of deportation against religious and national symbols with the aim of imposing a de facto control over the occupied city.

While the Palestinian National Council has reiterated  that the occupation crimes against the holy sites in occupied Palestine are a flagrant violation of the UN resolutions, calling on the international community to hold it accountable, assume its responsibilities, and take the necessary measures to save the city of Jerusalem and its holy sites, the occupation is racing against time to pass its plans against the city of Jerusalem, capitalizing on the American support umbrella and the world's involvement in facing the Corona virus pandemic in an attempt to impose as many facts as possible on the ground, ignoring all international laws, decisions and global appeals, the last of which was the condemnation of most of the UN Security Council countries for the crimes and attacks of the occupation entity in the occupied Palestinian territories.

The Israeli attacks do not only target Islamic holy sites only, but also affect, with the same extremist and racist mentality, Christian holy sites in the city as well, the most recent of which was the attack of Israeli settlers during the past Christmas on the Church of Gethmaniah and their attempt to burn it.

Amid all these attacks and heinous crimes committed by the occupation and its extremist settlers, the Palestinians continue their steadfastness, affirming their adherence to their land and sanctities, and that Israeli terrorism will not affect their determination and strong will.