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From the Middle East to Central Asia and Europe, the map of Erdogan's ambitions is expanding

Under the illusion of reviving the defunct Ottoman Empire, the President of the Turkish regime, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, continues his attempts to restore outdated colonial periods without feeling any embarrassment or shame.

Erdogan’s ambitions are no longer limited to Syria, Iraq and Libya, but expanded according to a map published by the American Center for Strategic and Security Studies (Stratfor).


Erdogan's ambitions began with his continuous aggression on the Syrian lands and his support for terrorist organizations .His influence spread to Iraq and then Libya. This regime is  heading according to a hypothetical map published by the Center to other sovereign countries, including Egypt and Greece, to reflect Erdogan's colonial illusions and its continuous attempts to extend its hegemony and revive the expansion plan of the Ottoman Empire clearly.

The Centeris one of the most important private institutions concerned with the intelligence sector, which the US media calls (the CIA in the Shadows) specifies the geographic areas expected for Erdogan's ambitions, extending from the Middle East to Central Asia, including countries like Syria, Iraq, Libya, Lebanon, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Yemen, the Caspian Sea Basin, Greece, southern Cyprus, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, the Russian Crimea, Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan.

Head of the People's Diplomacy and Interracial Relations Committee in the Parliament of the Russian Republic of Crimea, Yuri Gimpel,said: “It seems  ridiculous and is like part of a science fiction book. We can only advise Turkey to abandon its dreams about Russian territory because it faces the risk of undermining its safety due to its excessive ambitions.”

In 2019, the Turkish regime printed  an old map in the curricula of Turkish students showing the  Ottoman ambitions in neighboring countries, Syria, Iraq and Cyprus.

The neocolonial Ottoman plans led by Erdogan include renewed chapters of aggression against sovereign states and the depletion of their resources and capabilities by harnessing proxy terrorist tools such as terrorist organizations and mercenaries.


O. al-Mohammad