A humanitarian catastrophe threatens a million citizens in Hasakeh

Hasakeh (ST): The suffering of the people of Hasakeh city and its surroundings is increasing due to the continued shortage of drinking water and the delay in pumping it from the Allouk water station because of the continued violations and attacks by the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries on the power lines feeding the station on the one hand, and the control of the timing and number of pumping hours on the other hand, threatening a million citizens with thirst.

The Turkish occupier and its mercenaries blatantly attacked the power lines feeding the Allouk water station and diverted most of the electric power to their locations and headquarters in the occupied city of Ras al-Ein, which negatively affected the operating time of the pumps within the station.


Member of the People's Assembly Ali Al-Jadha'an said that the lack of drinking water is beyond  the endurance of  residents, and the Allouk station is being openly violated by the Turkish occupier without any deterrence. The MP wondered how long this silence from the international community about the crimes against humanity committed by the Turkish occupier,will last ?

The Director General of Hasakeh Water Establishment, Engineer Mahmoud Al-Okla, said in a statement to news reporter that the Allouk station is actually out of service, as the amount of water produced does not reach 20 thousand cubic meters per day, while it previously produced about 80 thousand, and this decrease is due to the Turkish occupier’s control over the operation of the station and the use of a large part of the amount of electricity allocated to it for the locations and headquarters of its terrorist mercenaries in the city of Ras al-Ein and the surrounding villages.