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70th anniversary of Nakba Day

As the Palestinians across the world are  marking  the 70th anniversary of the Nakba Day (the Day of Catastrophe), the US took the provocative  decision of moving the US embassy to Jerusalem.The moving of the US embassy to Jerusalem is a grave development that puts Washington on the same side as "occupation" and the violation of international law.The moving of the US embassy  to Jerusalem is illegal and a dangerous violation of international law. It's a dangerous development that places the United States at a position of complete bias in favor of the occupation and the violation of international law and resolutions.

This provocative measuremeans the death of the two states solution.It  is a declaration of war in the Middle East. Trump is declaring war against 1.5 billion Muslims and hundreds of millions of Christians that are not going to accept the holy shrines to be totally under the hegemony of Israel.

Is This Forbidden?

Arab political memory suffers from the problem of lack of desire or the ability to retrieve and recall the lessons of the past so the Arab countries will remain candidates for further setbacks and frustrations and defeats.

The Arab rulers in the majority, especially those who came to power through the external gates, suffer from the dependency complex of the colonial West.

Symbol of heroism and sacrifice


Today, the Syrian people remember with great pride those who sacrificed their souls for the sake of protecting their homeland and the Syrian Army soldiers who are fighting a ferocious battle against takfiri terrorism in  various Syrian areas.

The Martyrs’ Day occasion holds very special significance for the Syrian people who stress their determination to make sacrifices and offer more martyrs in order to defend their homeland’s territorial integrity and sovereignty. The Syrians reiterated their adherence to follow in the footsteps of  their predecessors starting with May 6th martyrs, Yousef al-Azmeh and his colleagues’ struggle against the French occupation and the heroes of October Liberation war.

Martyrs’ Day is an occasion for inspiring the meaning of sacrifices and continuing the march of struggle for liberating the occupied Arab territories, achieving new victories, eliminating terrorism and restoring security and stability to all Syrian areas. It is an occasion to promote the culture of resistance and the values of martyrdom and to strengthen the confidence in the Arab fighter who defends his country away from frustration and despair.

 As the war on Syria enters its eighth year, the 6th of May brings to mind stories of heroism, glory, commitment and all sacrifices that the Syrians have made to defend the independence of their homeland and its territorial integrity over the years. The Martyrs’ Day is an opportunity to honor and pay tribute to all Syrian mothers and their sons for their sacrifices to confront the terrorist war waged on their country since 2011. The martyrs and martyrdom memory consolidate the confidence to go forward in the struggle against terrorism, confront any aggression, restore the rights and to liberate the occupied land.

As the Syrian people commemorate the Martyrs' Day, they remember with great pride the sacrifices offered by their fathers and forefathers who paid their lives to defend their homeland and people against the Ottoman occupation of the Arab homeland. Our ancestors' sacrifices are an inexhaustible source of inspiration for our people and Army to defeat the takfiri terrorism which has plagued the country for over seven years targeting Syrian state and people in implementation of the sinister American Zionist project which aims to destroy Syria as it constitutes the heart of the axis of resistance against Israeli occupation. This project aims to enable Israel invade the Arab homeland politically and economically to achieve the interests of the neo-colonialism. The colonialist project also aims to create sectarian conflicts and divide Syria into mini states based on religion. But this land which drank the blood did not ask whether it was the blood of Christian or Muslim martyrs, as the martyrs’ blood is one and it is the blood of truth.

Keeping production wheel turning


After seven years of the global war launched against Syria, the Syrian workers reiterate their determination and support to the Syrian Arab Army’s heroic sacrifices and achievements through keeping the wheel of production turning despite the difficult circumstances. The continuity of work and production sends powerful message that terrorists will never win or succeed to undermine the Syrians’ willingness to defend the homeland and go ahead in the process of development and progress.

The Syrian  working class is exerting strenuous efforts to survive the economic war and the unfair unilateral sanctions imposed by western states, not to mention the devastation caused to the factories and infrastructures due to terrorist attacks.

The Syrian working class has a rich record of heroic struggle side by side with farmers and other classes in the Syrian society to push forward the development process and face all challenges and risks posed by terrorism.

May Day is an opportunity to improve performance to rise to the challenges facing society, as the current stage is a decisive one on which the future of Syria, the region, and international relations hinges.

 Work and productivity are the main line of defense for the people of any country. The working class  was and still is an essential ally for the Syrian Arab Army which is valiantly fighting Syria’s enemies. The efforts and sacrifices of the working class are essential in achieving steadfastness and victory. Syrian workers have been targeted by terrorists, and many of them lost their lives while working.

On May Day Syrian people nationwide express pride in Syria’s workers for their commitment to their duties and doing their part in defending Syria. The working class in Syria has shown creativity in overcoming difficulties and realizing development plans in the face of attempts to undermine the Syrian state. The working class has made great sacrifices for the sake of Syria, and it’s moving forward by embracing technological advancements and new economic and industrial standards.  The working class is the most giving group in society, and it plays a special role in the construction process that allows the nation to endure and rise up. Workers in Syria have been targeted by the conspiracy against Syria along with the country’s factories and infrastructure. Undaunted by the immense challenges spawned by the ongoing terrorism crisis, Syria’s workers stress they are now resolved more than any time before to continue performing their national task, notwithstanding its enormity.  Despite all the destruction, vandalism, and theft carried out by terrorists, the production process is still going on in Syria’s factories thanks to Syrian workers.

In the footsteps of their ancestors


The great and landslide victories recently realized by the Syrian Arab Army and the allied forces, especially in eastern Ghouta, are considered a continuation of the relentless and unabated march of struggle started by the heroes of national independence who fought the Ottoman and French occupiers and offered great sacrifices and forced them out of their homeland. The steadfastness of Syrians today was inspired by the legacy of the heroes who achieved independence. The heroic deeds and valiant acts of Yousef al-Azmeh, Sheikh Saleh al-Ali, Sultan Basha al-Atrash and others have been an inexhaustible source of inspiration for the Syrian people and army in their battle against Takfiri terrorism and its sponsors. The Syrian Army and the allied forces are cracking down on terrorist organizations in all Syrian cities in defense of the homeland and the values of justice and freedom, and to ward off extremism and subversive takfiri ideas. The heroes of the Syrian Arab Army are now following in the footsteps of the legacy of their forefathers who achieved independence in clearing every inch of the homeland of the terrorism that has been exported to Syria form over 83 states with the aim of destroying the country and creating sectarian war among Syrian people to facilitate the passing of the Zionist project against Syria an the Arab region as a whole.

As the Syrian people celebrate the 72nd anniversary of the Independence Day, they are more determined to step up their struggle against takfiri terrorism and its supporters. This year's celebrations coincided with landslide victories realized by the heroes of the Syrian Arab army against al-Nosra and ISIS terrorists in different Syrian areas, the most recent of which was the liberation of the eastern Ghouta and uprooting the terrorist organizations stationed there for six years.