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Arabism role in confronting forms of cultural invasion of Arab region

Arab thinkers and politicians confirmed that Arabism was and still is confronting all forms of cultural invasion that our Arab region has been subjected to throughout the ages, which makes adherence to it and its principles and values a necessity in light of the dangers and challenges facing our nation.

A member of the political bureau of the Progressive Rally in Egypt, Muhammad Fayyad, said in a statement to SANA that the current situation in the Arab region necessitates the formation of popular pressure in all our Arab countries to re-establish Arab concepts and consecrate them as a general approach and thought. Otherwise we are pushing our countries to be torn apart by chaos  that the enemies of Arabism seek to impose.

By insisting not to leave the White House, Trump digs a nail in the coffin of the so-called American democracy

The images of massive violence and chaos flowing from inside the Capitol Building and witnessed by the entire world have exposed the false freedoms and alleged democracy in the United States and have reaffirmed Trump's insistence on clinging to power at all costs. These events prove to the world that the US outgoing President Donald Trump will leave a dark legacy of discord and racism.

In several tweets, Trump described the election process in the United States as "worse than its counterparts in the third world countries", proving once again his willingness to use any means to reverse the results of the presidential elections and guarantee his staying in power, even if this leads to exposing the falsehood of the American democracy.

Trump has spared no effort to change the results of the US presidential election, in which he lost to his Democratic opponent Joe Biden, through questioning election credibility and alleging fraud in the vote count and through urging his supporters to contest his loss and carry out illegal acts including taking to the streets, protesting against the results and storming the Capitol Building.

Father Zahlawi: Coexistence forms the strong fabric of the Syrian society and explains one of the reasons for its steadfastness against the war

Father Elias Zahlawi has stressed that the war on Syria is illegal and that the Syrian state, as leadership, army and people, has kept steadfast despite the declaration of a war by 140 countries and hundreds of thousands of mercenaries and despite the imposition of an unprecedented blockade on the Syrians.

In a message addressing all peoples of the world and the European officials, Father Zahlawi questioned the legality and the open and hidden political and economic objectives of this global war on Syria. 

He said that throughout the years of the war,  Western mainstream media were keen day and night to fabricate lies and claim that the war in Syria was a "civil war." “Then suddenly a false wave of chivalry swept the entire West led by the United States within the United Nations that ended up with the declaration of war on Syria by 140 countries and the imposition of an unprecedented siege on the country at the military, economic and financial levels,” Father Zahlawi added.

Prominent challenges facing Arabism

The voices of Arab thinkers are being raised to emphasize the importance of preserving Arabism as a civilized concept and confronting the cultural and intellectual invasion and the attempts of imperialist and Zionist forces to undermine and distort Arabism in the mindset of the Arab community as it is a collective  ideology and the most threatening factor to the colonial interests in the region.

From Iraq, academic researcher Dr. Ahmed Al-Jubouri noted that the Arab identity has acquired its permanence and continuity from its relationship with Islam, the Arabic language and the land that mediates the ancient world. He indicated that the future awaiting this nation is greatly influenced by the civilization content it owns.

On the 62nd anniversary of the victory of its revolution, Cuba becomes an icon in the struggle against foreign hegemony

On January 1st,  Cuba marks the 62nd anniversary of the victory of the Cuban revolution and its independence. Cuba became an icon in the struggle against foreign hegemony, rejection of external interventions and a lighthouse guiding the way for the resistance men all over the world.

Syria and Cuba have been connected by  friendly relations and cooperation over decades. These relations are based on unchanged principles, chief among them are maintaining  national sovereignty and non-interference in the internal affairs of countries and supporting the just causes of peoples in face of the US and Western policies of   hegemony in a way that boosts the steadfastness of the two states and achieves the mutual interests of the two friendly peoples.