Palestinian "Prison Break"

Usually a spoon is used for eating soup and in eastern and Middle Eastern countries for shoveling rice onto it before placing it in the mouth .It has never ever been thought of as a symbol of freedom until now .In true Hollywood style six Palestinian prisoners dug their way out of imprisonment into freedom using a spoon!!

The six Palestinians are Zakaria Zubeidi, Mahmoud Ardah, Mohammad Ardah, Yacoub Qadri, Ayham Kamamji and Munadel Nfeiat.

These amazing men escaped out of Gilboa prison known for its high security- an almost impossible feat yet they did it - under the eyes of 40 prison guards, they escaped. Avoiding and evading three watchtowers, two high walls, two barbed-wire fences and the Israeli famous watch dogs. Dogs that the Israeli guards use to terrorise the prison population, playing also on their Islamic belief that dogs are unhygienic and therefore to be avoided. What is almost as noteworthy as the grand escape was Arab reaction to it - for once the Arabs were united in pride,in self respect and in recognition of outright  bravery. Social media exploded with their daring story with memes, tweets and symbolic drawings.

A new Russian magazine in Arabic!!

'Persona Strani' is a Russian political magazine and it is getting ready for its first edition in Arabic!This first edition will contain information and news about Syria and it is part of the initiative based on Russian\Syrian news exchange..This initiative started with the aim of fighting fake news.It hopes to enlighten  both its Russian and Syrian readership about the truth of the events taking place in Syria.

There is a cultural aspect as well for the magazine which will include cultural and historical material. The magazine's editor in chief Elizabeth Abramova was on a recent visit to Syria where she met with media officials who welcomed the idea of a Russian magazine in Arabic. She says that this special magazine 'Persona Strani-Soldiers of the Homeland' will shed light on personalities who contribute in the real construction and advancement  of the country in many different aspects-economical, cultural, scientific, environmental and medical.

Undoubtedly this magazine will harvest great popularity in both Russia and Syria.

Editor in Chief

Reem Haddad

“Syria and the League of Nations “

Today saw the release of a new book for Dr.Bashar Al Ja’fari vice foreign affairs minister .The book goes under the heading “Syria and the League of Nations “It talks about how Syria was a witness to the birth of the League of Nations ,yet it was deprived from an active participatory role

America's Intransigence

So where does the United States stand in regards to the continuous Israeli strikes against Syria.?

Over the past two years Israel has intensified its strikes against Syria creating destruction and shedding blood, even though most of these strikes have been intercepted by the Syrian Air Defense system.

The Syrian government unfailingly each time there is a missile attack on Syria’s sovereignty pens a letter to security council in protest against these attacks.

And security council unfailing each time there is an attack does nothing  about it.

Lately,  on June 10th, U.S. secretary  of state Blinken, and before the House Foreign Affairs Committee said “AS a practical matter, Israel has control of the Golan Heights, irrespective of its legal states, and that will have to remain unless and until things get to a point where Syria and everything operating out from Syria to longer poses a threat to Israel, and we are not anywhere near that.

Vasoos Lyssarides : Noble friend of Syria

Born in Cyprus, Lefkara in 1920, he was the personal physician of Archbishop Makarious III and one of his most trusted friends. A socialist by nature he fought on behalf of the oppressed people of the world. He was a champion of human rights in the Middle East.

In 1969 he established EDEK the socialist party of Cyprus and led it for many years. He was also House President from 1985 to 1991.

Dr. Lyssarides survived an assassination attempt on his life in August 1974 when the country was being wrenched apart by the coup led by the Greek junta which in turn resulted in the Turkish invasion of Cyprus and the occupation of around a third of it. Dr. Lyssarides’s patriotic stands during the crisis in Cyprus and afterwards earned him the respect of not only the majority  of Cypriots but many peoples of the third world.

He was a champion of the Palestinian cause and spoke vehemently against Israeli crimes. Crimes that never end. He also spoke ardently about the Golan and the Syrians inalienable right to all of it.