Speech of the Late President Hafez Al Assad On 54th Anniversary of The Syrian Army

Every national occasion has its own niche in the peoples memory and the more sublime it is, the more glory and power it has over the passage of time. On the occasion of the 70 Anniversary of Syrian Arab Army Day, August 1, 2015, the Syria Times on-line has the pleasure to published the Words delivered by the Late President Hafez AL-Assad on this occasion from 1988 through 1999:

 Dear brothers and sons, 

Officers, NCO`s 

Every national occasion has its own niche in the peoples memory and the more sublime it is, the more glory and power it has over the passage of time. 

The occasion we yearly celebrate on August the first, namely the foundation of the Syrian Arab Army is one of the national occasions we take pride in owing to its prominence and relevance to the national struggle of our people. The formation of our army was the bedrock of our victory achieved by independence and the evacuation of colonialism from our homeland. with such formidable army, I would say that our people should rest assured that we have a national power capable of guarding the border and preserving independence.  

Since its inception, our valiant army never dragged its feet in doing their national duty and history provided conclusive evidence to this effect. During its march, the army preserved values and traditions begotten from our  national heritage where the army proved an unswerving commitment to the lofty targets and aspirations of the people since the 8th of March revolution and the corrective movement. 

 On the 54th anniversary of the army, I highly commend all of you wherever you are .Your day is the peoples day who always have empathy with you and yet feel more elated by your honorable battles to succor brotherly countries.  Our move to defend the country has a cohesive bearing on efforts in the economic and social nourishment. The concerted efforts comprised agricultural, industrial and social services which enormously contributed to development in education at all levels, cultural houses and modern science centers. 

The Syrians are staunch advocates of a genuine peace calling for the welfare of the country and the region at large. This call comes concomitantly with the aspirations of a world longing for the materialization of the just and comprehensive peace and keep aggression and occupation at bay. 

People of conscience worldwide bear witness that we are serious in our endeavor to  achieve the just and comprehensive peace. Had there been a genuine opportunity to achieve it, we would not have missed it since we have already taken very serious stances to substantiate our efforts towards making the just peace a reality. By adapting such attitude, we preserve our national principles which pivot on the basis of being right and just in comport with the international legitimacy decisions. We are optimistic to receive a reciprocal intention from the others for the sake of establishing  just and comprehensive peace by dint of restoring the usurped rights and land to its indigenous people who have already acquired recognition of the international community. 

The long-awaited and viable peace is a phenomenal target and a dire need for the region and the world at large because we are neither putting hurdles nor raising the bar to hamper the materialization of the peace process.

 The army day in Syria and Lebanon falls on August the first as the two armies in these brotherly countries celebrate this anniversary with euphoric jubilation. 

I avail this opportunity to salute Lebanon; president, people and government and cordially salute the Lebanese army; officers and NCO`s reassuring our pledge to move forward on a parallel line towards peace . 

On this occasion, mention should  be made to our indefatigable people in Golan. I highly laud their steadfastness and attachment to their national identity, reiterating that going back home is not a far-fetched goal at all. Furthermore, I salute the great fighters in southern Lebanon and Palestine. 

"Martyrs are the most generous people and the noblest of all men." 

The generous will be always prosperous. Memories of noble martyrs are eternally etched in our hearts and minds and their families will remain the focal point of our attention. We solemnly pledge to them that our path is either martyrdom or victory. 

By the will of Allah and the peoples unity, we will be on the right track to build our country doing our utmost to achieve the just and comprehensive peace that would ultimately liberate the Arab  land and reinstate the usurped Arab rights of the nation.


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