THE Most Gratifying Human Talk

Sheihk Sabah Al-Mohamad, the Kuwaiti Al-Dar Media Group Chairman, met during his recent visit to Damascus with H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad. Sheihk Sabah published, in Arabic, some of President Assad's quotes, his own observations and impressions about his meeting with President Assad, according to

 I have had the honour to meet H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad at his home in Damascus and to have a one and half hour talk with him. It has indeed been the most gratifying human talk with the distinguished Arab Leader. H.E. President Assad was in person receiving me at the entrance of his house smiling with pride, self-confidence and elegance. It has indeed been a cordial social meeting in a magical setting in a white salon, wall, white chairs and white marble overlooking from a wooden Damascene window a green garden, and with a refreshing drink of flowers conducive to the setting whiteness.


I congratulate your Excellency for the firmness of your determination, stances and for your courage and heroism in defending your land and your people, for your success in securing the food supplies in and for all of the Syrian Arab Republic. I congratulate Your Excellency for the victories and success of the Syrian Diplomacy, Army, and for the honorable stances of the Syrians by their State, Leadership and Institutions. With a smile, said his Excellency: ''I myself have instead to thank you for your role as a media means which expressed your viewpoints clearly and frankly when none dared to speak the truth.''

''Arab Media means, unfortunately, followed Zionist and US institutions which work but for distorting the image of Middle East countries, particularly Syria; their media war was very fierce through lies and fabrications misleading people between the right and wrong. However, the aware Syrian People was on vigil through social media means,'' said President Assad.

''The role played by the State of Kuwait was honourable through its media means and this is the result of you being in a deeply rooted democracy, freedom and viewpoints and opinions exchange,'' added President Assad.

'' the honorable stance by Kuwait in the donors summits in support of the Syrian People, called for and adopted by His Highness Emir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad, who is filled with wisdom, farsightedness and talents. His Highness, expert for long in Middle East issues, has been indeed the solver for many crises and has been indeed very fully aware of the consequences of the crises on all Arab Countries,'' added H.E. President Assad.

''We, thanks God favours, have restored the majority of the Syrian territories from the criminal terrorists, protected our citizens from terrorism perpetrated against them, and have started the reconstruction of the regions. God willing and very soon the Syrian State is to spread its control and the rule of law all over the Syrian territories, and no single span of the Arab Syria is to remain outside the national sovereignty,'' reiterated H.E. President Assad.

'' There is a big understanding between us and many Arab countries. There are Western countries which have started planning and preparing to open their embassies and there are Arab and Western delegations which have indeed started coming to Syria in preparations for their return, be they were diplomatic, economic or industrial,'' added President Assad.

''Syria is very soon to regain its pivotal Arab role in support of the Arab Nation as has ever been and the war of terrorism is to end and the political game is to change. And all the refugees are to return to their cities, towns and villages,'' underscored President Assad with full self-confidence and determination.

The role of Russia in the region has become a de facto in collaboration with China, India and a group of friendly countries and the balance of international power is to be better in the coming phase, especially for the Middle East, President Assad pointed out.

''In the coming phase, we will start rebuilding factories, supporting the distinguished and unique Syrian Industry in the region. All kinds and forms of companies, local and joint ventures with Arab and foreign investors. Agricultural sector is to top our priorities as the best fruits and vegetables in the region are grown and produced in Syria and we will export them to the world. We are to open new horizons for tourism, art, culture as Syria has ever been the country for culture, invention and creation,'' underscored President Assad.

The warmth and generosity of welcome by President Assad is in fact similar to the generosity and cordial welcome by all Syrians at all levels.

The cleanliness of Damascus streets is exceptional, its buildings, alleys, and markets are deeply-rooted in civilization and the reconstruction process is on. It is Damascus, in its old and modern parts, it is the city of security, hospitality and safety, the city of the most delicious sweets, food, most glittering flowers, Jasmine perfume everywhere, the city of satisfaction, happiness; it is the city of the of the eternal message of peace and amity.

You are most welcome as a dear friend with whom I feel pleasure sitting with for his frankness, clarity and transparency, said H.E. President Assad and saw me off with the same cordiality, generosity and warmth.


Edited & Translated

Dr. Mohamad Abdo Al-Ibrahim


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