Saudi-Qatari Government for the Syrians!

The so-called National Coalition has announced its conditional participation in the proposed Russia-US Geneva 2. The Coalition government was announced in flagrant contradiction of such a needless participation; a government of no-government! There are names, addresses, but no color, nor taste, with a smell of treason! The names of the ministers and their addresses are all in all beyond the borders of the Syrian Arab Republic.

The timing of the formation of such a government of no-government is in concomitance with the dictated and imposed participation in Geneva 2, if convened. Is it a further ploy by the Saudis as to blackmail and weaken the real Syrian opposition and as to belittle the only Syrian legitimate Government declared willingness to  attend Geneva 2. The Saudi handpicked ministers of the Coalition illegitimate government of no-government have been prefabricated under the illusion of forming Syria's wahabi would be transitional governing body!

Who would accept such a foolish Saudi trick? Is there any sane Syrian to accept such a bunch of foreign-backed so-called ministers to be part of any future transitional government? Is the majority of the Syrians willing to accept such a bunch of forged and fake collection?! Of course not! Syria is in dire need for men of state, not for men of slapping, spitting and shoes throwing!

No true Syrian would accept such a collection of thorns in his/her throat! Ahmad Tuma's government of no-government is a further stumbling block by the ewes as to derail, smother and slaughter the more of Syrians, but surely in vain. Syria has never been governed  through a remote control from five-star hotels, nor from foreign capitals. Here on the Syrian ground and among the Syrians should be the sincere and honest work for the future of Syria.

According to the majority of  common  Syrians, if Geneva 2 were to be convened, it should be so only with the participation of the national opposition, but not with the participation of the Coalition, which has been lobbying for foreign intervention in Syria, and whose members hands  are dirty with the petrodollars bribes, not to mention the  sacred blood of the Syrians shed because of these dirty hands and their supporters. Personally, I think that Geneva for the majority is when Syria would rid itself from the Coalition and their backers' cannibals, wahabi and al-Qaeda affiliates.


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim