Obama Recognizes Doha Puppets!




Isn't strange when the President of the USA, Barrack Obama, recently elected by the Americans- not the Syrians- announces his country's recognition of a puppet Doha council as '' inclusive'' and as '' legitimate representative of the Syrian People"! It is but a flagrant violation of every political, human  and moral principle, which, in turn, proves the US direct involvement in the ongoing bloodshed perpetrated by the terrorists affiliated to this very puppet council. Actually, Mr. Obama's statement came of no surprise giving the  flow of revelations by international media about the involvement of his country in preparing the ground for further aggressions, fabrications, and the like, not to mention the US logistic, financial support and weapons provided  and smuggled to the terrorists and sophisticated technology . Indeed, and in line with the Syria Times published opinion poll results, Mr. Obama's foreign policy isn't changed; and if but to the more of unilateralism and of pro-Zionisim and wahabisim!

Doha puppets, recognized by Obama, are further involved today in their Morocco-hosted conference of the enemies of Syria. Obama recognized them because they  reject dialogue, pursue violence and plead  for international intervention in Syria; they are involved further in the foreign conspiracy against the Motherland, Syria. They , however, represent but the foreign colonialist sinister scheme to subdue, weaken and fragment Syria to the interest of today's extremist, wahabi and takfiri trends of the western invented Islam. The participants share the absurdity and illusion of ending the pivotal role of Syria and Syrians, and of inventing a new characterless Syria revolving in the orbit of Israel, West and forces of backhandedness and darkness!

The upper hand is only for the majority of the Syrians, as is the final word to the Syrian brave soldiers on the ground in the face of every terrorist. Neither Obama's recognition, nor that of all the world would change the Syrians' allegiance to their elected and only representative leadership, the Syrians'  pledge to safeguard their country, restore security, and stability. We are here on the ground where we were born, belong and are ever ready to defend the cradle of every civilization.

Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim