The Syrians Are but to Vanquish




The majority of the Syrians are on the ground steadfast and determined to continue their just battle as to combat every form of foreign-backed terrorism. Mistaken who believe that the ongoing battle is among the Syrians themselves; apart from the little number of the Syrians who for different unjustified reasons were led astray. The Syrians- considering their mythical phoenix nature- are but to vanquish against every war targeting Syria, including the psychological one and the tsunami of media lies and fabrications.

The anguished majority- under the hammer of terrorist attacks and explosions, wake up every morning with the more of strength, determination and hope to soon end the ongoing nightmare and rid their Syria of every terrorist. He who wants destruction for Syria can't be Syrian, he who kills, mutilates, tortures his/her Syrian conational can't be Syrian, nor can those who reject dialogue and call for foreign intervention in Syria be Syrians. What I say isn't to issue certificate of nationality to my brothers and sisters in Syria; it is but to underscore the human, noble and civilized human nature of the Syrians, the pioneers and builders of human civilization since time immemorial.

The pressures exerted by almost two thirds of the world countries, not to mention the agonies and sufferings caused by the foreign-backed terrorists, unjust sanctions and sky-rocketing prices, have but bolstered, boosted and sharpened the Syrians' will to resist, withstand, unite and rally behind their invincible Army and Leadership. The steadfast Syrians, thus, are giving another lesson to the whole world. We are here on the Syrian land, and our friends and allies are every where steadfast in supporting our just cause and legitimate defence.

So, isn't it in the interest of all to evade and spare the more of innocents' blood. The majority wants but peace, reform, security, life essentials and stability; the anti-Syria among the foreigners wants but to fragment, weaken, subdue and destroy Syria. It is the time for the Syrians to sort out every problem by themselves and for themselves; and indeed it is the time for the ewes and trouble makers to cease their brutality, least they would themselves be caught in the fire, set ablaze and fuelled by them.

Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim