Readings in Minister al-Zoubi's Conference




Information Minister, Omran al-Zoubi's latest press conference has once more shed light on the ongoing crisis in Syria from different angles. It is an all-out comprehensive picturing for the realities on the ground. The crisis in Syria is soon to end, once the greedy, colonialist and petrodollar intruders cease their backing and unwavering support to the armed terrorist groups, mainly to al-Qaeda affiliated ones." The victory is but against the enemies of Syria who have been trying to link the future of Syria and its role to the Israeli agendas through Arab and regional tools."  Scores of messages were addressed, directly or indirectly, to those involved in the dirty conspiracy against Syria: had there been the necessary respect for anti-terrorism resolutions, issued in the aftermath of Sept. terrorist attacks, some officials in the neighboring countries would have been brought to justice. Syria has in hands authentic documents and proofs regarding the conspirators, including names and addresses.

Syria is strong and determined to defend its citizens against terrorism, the Syrian land and lands are but Syrian, and no terrorist group can uproot the Syrians from their land, nor weaken the Syrians' determination to defend their homeland. The Syria Arab Army, composed of every citizen and family, is strong on the ground, representing Syria as a whole. Syria is for all Syrians, even those who are ready to put their arms down, and surrender themselves to the State. The foreign-backed mercenaries and terrorists who perpetrated acts of killings, sabotage and destruction are but to be held accountable. The Syrian schools, infrastructure, wheat, hospitals, gas, kerosene, and factories are for the Syrians and not to be sold at low prices in Turkey. The Syrians should not be taken by media outlets of fabrications and lies. Syria is strong with its people, leadership, army and Syrianity, and no power whatsoever can defeat the Syrians' commitment to Syria's sovereignty, independence.

Dialogue among the Syrians and reforms for the Syrians, first and foremost initiated by the State, are the exact prescription; and those who reject dialogue are indeed afraid of the ballot boxes as well as of reforms. "Had those in the so-called Doha coalition or others had enough courage  to get  indulged in an open national political process, they would not have rejected the dialogue."  Reforms should upgrade and develop Syria, and never bring it back to prehistoric times, nor dismember it to entities or emirates. National opposition has to work not only to reject foreign intervention, but to call for the lifting of the unjust sanctions imposed, which have caused severe pain and headache  to the Syrians daily life and livings. National opposition has to reject the dictations by the governments of Qatar and Turkey, reject the  finance and support to armed terrorist groups and has to stand against terrorist crimes and actions, and has to tell Qatar, Turkey, France  and the Arab League to halt the trafficking of weapons , training of terrorists  and shipment of sophisticated weapons  to Syria.

A friend in need is friend indeed; Iran is the friend with a duty to work for dialogue. Russia is firm in supporting the Syrians' own choice, independence and sovereignty: Russia does not interfere in any matter pertaining to the Syrian national sovereignty, and stands for  a political solution through a political dialogue and a national pure Syrian process and dialogue." Iraq is a sisterly country, whose security and stability are of top importance to Syria, and those who push their noses in the affairs of Iraq, particularly Turkey, should refrain from doing so. Palestine is to ever remain the compass, the essence of the conflict with Israel and that the Palestinian Cause is ever to remain the central cause of Syria and that the Palestinian people  are but of the Syrians' identity, heritage  and future. Syria is a peace-loving Country and doesn't support aggressive acts against any country, and is never to use chemicals, if any, against anybody, whether inside or outside its borders. The USA has to consider its support to terrorist groups in operation against the Syrian State, infrastructure and people.

According to my simple understanding, these are but some of the direct messages, not to mention the many of important indirect messages- addressed by Minister al-Zoubi. Will the other side -or sides- receive , consider them and work accordingly in the interest of ALL. In the global village of today, the cancerous cells of terrorism are to grow, spread and spill over.

 Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim