New Year’s Eve! (2013)




What a year? to the living  memory of our departing beloved, martyrs, children, and innocents at the hands of the most heinous multi-international terrorists, I have spent many hours astray but awake contemplating the ongoing in my beloved homeland, Syria, the cradle of every civilization. Syria, our mother, which has been the unique model worldwide for amity, fraternity, harmony and everything noble and beautiful in the world, as the paradise for security, unity and stability,  is suffering nowadays  and increasingly is more eager to its security, unity and stability, which have been hit hard by  foreign-backed terrorists, more than by some of its ignorant, merciless sons!

The living memory of the Syrian Arab soldier who was targeted by terrorists while on the call of duty, with a dry loaf of bread , of the Syrian Army soldiers who were blindfolded and forced to knell down to be shot in their heads from the back, of the Syrian Army officer who was beheaded, of my cousin, who was snatched by the terrorists from his house in the poorest quarters of Damascus Countryside, tortured, killed and thrown a dead corpse, of the tears in the eyes of my brethren Syrians, children, young and elderly, have accompanied me to the rising sun of the new day of 2013.

No less painful were the unjustified stances of the brothers, neighbours, as well as of the minority of ignorant Syrians. The unjustified contradictory support to the terrorists on the ground against every thing Syrian has been the most painful headache; because once this tap of terror and poison off, the new Syria is to be born. Once the trouble makers bloody killers refrain from their sheltering, training, arming, and smuggling their means of killings into Syria, our country is against on the right path of reform, building, life and construction. The declared war by some Arab, European countries and Turkey, the USA against our Syria has made me lose every faith in political reasoning and science! The inexperienced in politics, handpicked and made by the petrodollars, are nowadays lecturing the big powers!

Syria's population is about 23 million; and the majority among us is optimistic. The majority also takes pride in our steadfastness, Army, Leadership, and in Syria's history, civilization and unique model of life and existence. What is right is always right and what is wrong is but temporarily right. Syria is sure to vanquish. Ballot boxes and not bullets are to decide our own future and by our own Syrian hands. It is but our own life afterlife, destiny and future!  Hopefully, my personal 2002 News Year's Eve- still mine- unfulfilled wishes are to be achieved in 2013!


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim