Syria Only Leadership with Capacity and Commitment to Stand on its Own as Arab Nation to Keep Arab Dignity Intact: Prof. Bhim Singh


DAMASCUS, (ST)_ Syria is the only leadership at present which  has capacity and commitment to stand on its own as Arab Nation to keep Arab dignity intact. That is the reason that Anglo American bloc is  using NATO via Turkey and Golan Heights of Syria to destabilize Syria, Prof. Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party and Chairman of Indo-Arab Solidarity Council

In an exclusive electronic questionnaire by The Syria Times Editor-Chief, Prof. Singh added that Syrian President Dr. Bashar-al-Assad is elected  Chief Executive with a popular mandate with a Parliament having a lawful democratic Govt. unlike many Arab Countries which are governed by the  Kingdoms, Sheikhdoms, sultanates which have not yet a word like democracy in their dictionaries yet they are most favorite nations of the Anglo-American bloc because they  have accepted the US as their masters, Let Us first start democracy from  those Arab countries.

About the situation in Syria, Prof. Singh said that as witnessed during my visit to Syria, 18-25 April 2012, my visit was quite normal with some disturbances here and there. Now the western media report are being exaggerated and blown out of proportion as we all know that the US media, 75% of it is controlled by the Zionist Lobby. The Zionist with the help and money of the Anglo American bloc have been supporting Israel  to realize its threatening expansionist designs right since 1947 when Israel  was created by an illegal resolution, 181, of the UN .

"There is the role of the NAM countries with an active participation of India, Iran and other countries to trash Zionist media aggression against Syria. They with the support of NATO, US UK, France played dangerous role in Iraq, Yugoslavia, Libya, Sudan and establish the US hegemony to grab Arab wealth, its oils, its waters, its strategic lands of Prophets." added Prof. Singh.

"UN resolution on Israel have not been implemented in half  century by the UN whereas  illegal resolutions against Iraq, Yugoslavia, Libya etc were enforced  in utter defiance of the UN Charter." Prof. Singh pointed out.

The Chief Patron of National Panthers Party  hailed the role played by Russia and China being permanent Members of the SC as  "laudable", saying " Mr. Putin’s air-dash to Istanbul and New Delhi gave a strong and desirable message to the Anglo-American hawks. How can they justify support to the terrorists in Syria, when they condemn terrorism elsewhere? Double standards of the Bloc and cannot be accepted by civilized nations. They enforced resolution of UN within days against Iraq whereas Resolutions 242,338 and dozen of them against Israel have been lying in their dustbins for 5 years."

"NAM countries should come forward, the Arab League should not submit to the dictates of NATO & US. Arab should learn from their past history of Balfour Declaration, partition of Palestine, Western betrayal of Nasir, Yasir and their shameful past acts against the Arab dignity. US ugly designs in Syria must be shut by the Arab Leaders." concluded Prof. Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party and Chairman of Indo-Arab Solidarity Council.


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim