Enemy attack on Syrian Research Centre amounts to aggression




New Delhi, (ST)_ An emergency meeting of the National Secretariat of the Panthers Party was held in New Delhi under Chairmanship of its Chief Patron and Chairman, Indo-Arab Solidarity Council to review the serious situation that has developed in the Middle-East following air attack on Syrian Research Centre on Wednesday threatening the integrity and sovereignty of a Member State, Syria by another Member State, Israel.

    While addressing the Panthers Party leader, Prof. Bhim Singh urged Russia and China for their urgent intervention to provide security to the people of Syria and save its integrity from the Zionist hawks. The NPP leader accused Anglo-American Bloc for supporting Israel since 1947 which has been violating the mandatory resolutions of the Security Council like 242, 338 and several others which amounted to flagrant violation of UN Resolution by Israel.

Prof. Bhim Singh called on the Arab League States to wake up lest Zionism shall accomplish its agenda to grab Arab oils, waters and strategic land with the abetment of Anglo-American Bloc including France. Prof. Bhim Singh hoped that India shall rise from its silent to save the Middle-East from any further death, destruction and devastation as it happened in Iraq, Sudan, Yugoslavia and lately in Libya. The Panthers Party Supremo urged Prime Minister of India, Dr. Manmohan Singh, to take urgent initiative for convening a meeting of the NAM countries at the earliest by involving Arab League in it. He said that Israeli aggression against Syria has left no doubt that Israel intends to grab entire Middle-East with the active support of the Anglo-American and EU Blocs. This must be stopped, he said.

The Panthers Party shall present a Solidarity Charter to Dr. Bashar-al-Assad, President of Syria tomorrow (3rd February, 2013) through the Syrian Ambassador in New Delhi. The Panthers Party and Indo-Arab Solidarity Council also expressed full solidarity with and support to the great people of Syria fighting for the integrity and sovereignty of their country under the leadership of President, Dr. Bashar-al-Assad.