US Analyst: MI6 Urged CIA, Pentagon to Bomb Syria before Alleged Chemical Attack Investigation Starts

The Secret Intelligence Service [known as MI6] has told the CIA and Pentagon to bomb Syria before any investigation into alleged chemical attack on Douma area in the Eastern Ghouta of Damascus can occur, Dean Henderson, the US author and Geopolitical analyst told the Syriatimes e-newspaper on Saturday.

He elucidated the reason of carrying out the tripartite strike [ by US, UK and France] against Syria before investigators start their work by saying  that even the Pentagon said it had no evidence of the alleged "sarin attack", so the end result is that it will take attention away from this lie, so they can move on to another lie.

“France and Britain are where the Rothschilds call home, so it is always the case that the US will be utilized as a hessianized mercenary force to protect these bankers' interests.  This is why the UK was behind the provocation and why they also staged the Skripal poisoning, “added Henderson.

 He went on to say that the only repercussions will come from any counter-military measures taken by Russia.  “The UNSC is simply a tool for the bankers to legitimize their colonial ways.”

The US political analyst indicated that the cost of the missiles fired on Syria was paid by the US taxpayers since the US held in debt peonage ($24 trillion) by this very same banker cartel.

He referred to the fact that the staged ‘sarin attack’ occurred suddenly one week after Trump talked about getting out of Syria and the liberation of the Eastern Ghouta of Damascus from terrorists.

“A Russian general has stated that this provocation was orchestrated by the UK, through its "White Helmets" intelligence wing. So MI6 has told the CIA & Pentagon to bomb the area before any investigation can occur,” Henderson said.

He sees that It’s high time the whole world fully comprehends this biggest of lies.  “Until we do, there will be constant pretexts and lies leading to yet more debt, death and destruction.  When we do, it all ends and American Revolutionaries who fought these bastards 250 years ago can rest easier in the knowledge that victory has been truly achieved”.

The Crown’s MI6 creates the pretext – tales of yellowcake uranium in Iraq which led to the US invasion.

Interviewed by: Basma Qaddour