Triple Aggression on Syria Planned by US, Funded by Gulf States: Former MP

The tripartite US-British-French brutal aggression on Syria provides clear evidence of the western countries' support for terrorism and their arrogant policies” Bade’ Saqqour, a former member of Syrian parliament, said in a statement to the Syriatimes e-newspaper, stressing that betting on America to make peace on ground in Syria is an illusion.

Former MP Saqqour, also member of the executive bureau of the Arab Writers’ Union and Editor-in-Chief of the World Literature Magazine issued in Syria, indicated that the barbaric triple aggression on Syria was carried out by American planning and was funded by Saudi Arabia and other some Gulf states.

He added that the brutal aggression was met by the high spirits of the steadfast Syrian people who took to the streets to condemn the attack and to stress that this aggression won't affect their determination and will to get rid of terrorism and go ahead with rebuilding their country.

He stressed this aggression isn’t the first of its kind, as America has supported world terrorism and carried out aggressions against free and independent states, like Iraq and Afghanistan, under the pretext of fighting terrorism and establishing democracy, recalling in this connection former U.S President George W. Bush's saying at the launch of his anti-terrorism campaign addressing the nations: "You are either with us or against us."

Saqqour reiterated that the aggression would but increase the determination of the Syrians to continue the fight against terrorism, noting that the ferocious attack came as a result of the state of frustration of these countries due to the failure of their conspiratorial scheme in Syria and in response to the Syrian Army’s great victories in eastern Ghouta.

Political solution

Saqqour made it clear that Syria seeks reaching a political solution to the crisis but supporters of terrorism and their hostile schemes always hinder any political settlement and try to aggravate tension, spread more terrorism in the region and undermine Syria’s peace and stability.

"We, as Syrians, encourage national dialogue for reaching political settlement that leads to peace in our country” Saqqour concluded.

Bloody history

The "Syriatimes"  also interviewed Member of the Executive Bureau of Writers’ Union in Lattakia Saleh Smayya to comment on the triple US-British-French aggression. 

He stressed that it is not strange for those, who are known for their bloody colonialist history and who have killed innocent people, supported the takkfiri terrorist groups and worked contrary to human values and principles in different parts of the world, to launch a barbaric aggression on Syria, the country which has been combating terrorism and extremism on behalf of the world and struggling for restoring the usurped Palestinian rights.

Smayya condemned in the strongest terms the tripartite aggression which shows that these countries are enemies of humanity and they stand against any measure which seeks maintaining right and good.

He affirmed that the aggression on Syria is a flagrant violation of the international law and international legitimacy as well as the principles of the UN Charter which safeguard the sovereignty and independence of states.

Smayyah pointed out that the brutal aggression, the missiles of which were shot down by the Syrian air defense systems, came in revenge over the defeat of the terrorist proxies of these three western countries and while the Syrians are working to restore stability and rebuild their country.

He pointed out that from the beginning of the crisis, President Bashar Al-Assad proposed a political solution program based on the participation of all components of the Syrian society in authority and on amending the constitution.

Smayya asserted that Syria's enemies have been against any democracy or peaceful solution in Syria and have sought undermining the country's steadfastness against terrorism.

"Peaceful solution is the main goal of the Syrian people who will fight anyone trying to violate their country’s sovereignty," he concluded.


Interviewed by Rawaa Ghanam