Canadian political analyst to ST: U.S. to continue to use White Helmets as long as general domestic population accept war lies

U.S. policymakers will go ahead with using not only the White Helmets but also the false flag chemical weapons events in Syria for as long as broad-based domestic populations accept the war lies and the engineered deceptions, the Canadian political analyst and Research Associate at Global Research Mark Taliano told the Syriatimes e-newspaper.

The analyst asserted that U.S. policymakers support al Qaeda in Syria, and the White Helmets are al Qaeda auxiliaries, so it makes sense that the U.S. which seeks global control, would continue to support them.

But he pointed out that the US aspirations are being frustrated on Syrian soil.

“As Syria and its allies continue to win this war, the world is shifting, geopolitically, to a multipolar orientation. Yes, I expect Syria will win this war and regain its sovereignty and territorial integrity, as per international law,” Taliano said, adding that Syria and its allies have almost completely destroyed the international brigades of terrorists within Syrian territory.

“The remaining terrorists in Syria – ISIS, al Qaeda, FSA etc. --- are all in U.S occupied areas of Syria, and the U.S is protecting them as per usual. But Syria and its allies are defeating the terrorists, so we can expect another false flag incident anytime now, which will be used as a pretext for increased Western support of their terrorist proxies,” stressed the Canadian analyst, who visited Syria twice in 2016 and 2018.

He expects no change in the policy of western countries towards Syria, affirming that Israel and the west have been intervening directly since the war began in Syria and they commit war crimes as policy.

Suffocating mantle of lies

“Western policymakers are committing an overseas holocaust right now, in the Middle East and beyond. These elite, largely unaccountable policymakers, and an increasingly transnational oligarch class, are the short- term beneficiaries of these policies, to the detriment of domestic and global populations.  We need to break through the suffocating mantle of lies that is destroying us all,” said Taliano.

He, in addition, commented on MSM’s attacks against European delegations and reporters that come to Syria to see the reality of events by saying: “MSM is an ignorant appendage of the mindless war machine, hence MSM fake journalists feel threatened by real reporting that contradicts their criminal war propaganda.”

“Voices from Syria”

The Canadian political analyst, who was in Syria in in April, 2018, at the same time that the U.S, France, and U.K bombed Syria with their cruise missiles following the Ghouta false flag, published one year ago a book entitled ‘Voices from Syria’ after he came to Syria in September 2016 as he sensed that the official narrative being fed to North Americans across TV screens, in newsprint and on internet were false.

“Voices from Syria is a very short book, but it is full of primary source documentation and evidence that refutes the incessant Western war propaganda. It also explains what we as Westerners can do to amplify the Truth for Peace and Justice,” the author clarified.

He went on to say: “I hope to visit Syria again.  All of humanity is connected to Syria’s ancient civilization in one way or another, and Syria’s rich roots are spiritually uplifting. I see Syria as a bastion of civilization that is confronting and defeating international terrorism for the benefit of humanity.”

Taliano described the achievements of Syria and its allies against terrorism as ‘extraordinary’ and a ‘remarkable feat’, given the fact that all of NATO and its allies support the terrorists.  


Interviewed by: Basma Qaddour