This is Syria

Two years have so far passed since the outbreak of the plague of present international epidemic of terrorism in Syria, which has been for long, particularly since the US failure invasion of Iraq in 2003 and Syria's national and principled stance in opposition to such a catastrophic invasion, the subject for every sinister move as to weaken, destabilize and dismember it.

To the tune of the US and Israeli dissonance music of death and destruction, some Arab ewes were involved in their fratricide adventures against Syria! The ewes, out of personal grudge and jealousy, have almost spent of their gas and petrodollars for the destruction of Syria more than for their own people and construction in their countries. A little amount of the billions of dollars squandered  on the destruction of Syria  is suffice to combat poverty and ignorance in dozens of countries. The ewes, along with some westerners and so-called brethrens, gambled on a quick downfall of Syria, but in vain: Even Syrians have suffered and paid a lot; today they are stronger, more immune and sharper mentally, morally and psychologically, because they  are more determined and adamant to steadfast, face up, challenge and vanquish. The Syrians, backed by their hero Army and Leadership, do possess the right.

We bury our dear martyrs, killed at the hands of takfiri killers armed, trained and  hired and paid for by the ewes, but with glory, honour, pride and determination to pursue the real path of martyrdom in defence of Syria's construction, building, welfare, security, stability  and leadership. One of the problems with the ewes and their allies is that they don't comprehend the nature of the relationship between the majority of the Syrians and their elected Leadership: it isn't only a citizen-president relationship, but that of a body-soul one, all for one and one for all.


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim