Cameron Wades into Swamp to Rescue Sheep!

What a contradiction when one would read in the Telegraph a catchy headline: ''David Cameron wades into swamp to rescue sheep''. Many ideas and thoughts came to my mind: is this the same Cameron who has been exerting every effort to destabilize my beloved country, Syria? Is the Cameron-sheep relation more human than Cameron-Syrians relations? Has Cameron's threats to supply the more of assistance , whether lethal or no-lethal-after all they are funneled to al-Qaeda affiliated organizations-  to terrorists in Syria.

While lambs around the country are dying because of the unseasonably-cold spring weather, one sheep owes its life to David Cameron. The prime minister became the hero of the hour when he plunged waist-deep into a swamp to save a ewe that got stuck in the mud. Cameron was on his way home from visiting a neighbouring farmer near his house in Chipping Norton when he heard a sheep bleating at around 6pm. He discovered the ewe immersed in the muddy swamp, after she had followed her two lambs in to save them, both of whom drowned. After alerting the farmer, Cameron waded into the swamp, together with his two armed police guards, and proceeded to push the ewe out of the mud to safety, According to the Telegraph. Actually, here not lambs, but the elite of the Syrians is being slaughtered and destroyed by the Takfiri suicide bombers and bloody terrorist attacks. These very terrorists, among them, according to a British study,  hundreds who have EU nationalities, are armed to teeth, trained and supported by Mr. Cameron like governments and ewes, whom Cameron, I think, isn't willing to save just in case!  

“When I got there, David was in the swamp, waist-deep in mud, along with the two police, who had all gone in there to help drag this sheep out,” said farmer Julian Tustian. “He was brilliant, pulling, pushing and shoving. He was covered in mud, he looked a mess…This isn’t the first time Cameron has given a sheep a helping hand, after he was drafted in by Mr Tustian to aid a ewe struggling to give birth to two lambs a few years ago. Mr Cameron acted as the farmer’s assistant for 15 minutes until the lambs were born, even volunteering for the task of pulling out the lambs himself as he had smaller hands than the farmer. The question is when Cameron would stop pushing his nose in the domestic affairs of an independent great country like Syria, and when he would pull his ''smaller hands'' off the majority in Syria, which is but a secular and never antagonist to the occidental world. And for how long Premier Cameron is to remain remote-controlling and dictating the ewes among Arabs to  destroy the sacred land of 'good shepherds' and prophets, the cradle of every human civilization?

Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim