US-NATO Orchestrated War

Sara Flounders, who is the head of the International Action Center in New York , lashed out, in a recent interview with Russian TV, at the UN bids to expand its investigation of chemical weapons to all of Syria as the "most dangerous way forward, because the US is clearly using the UN and every possible international agency in order to continue its intervention."

" It is the US and NATO that are clearly pumping arms into the region, that have orchestrated and created the crisis, using chemical weapons that are quite likely set to create a far more serious crisis, because they have not yet been successful in creating a regime change in Syria, which is their agenda. It's the agenda of Saudi Arabia, -Qatar- and of Turkey , a NATO member, and very much the agenda of the US, who is fueling and orchestrating this war crime against the people of Syria," underscored Flanders.

Flanders warned against a catastrophic repetition of the Iraqi non-existed MDW's, asserting that  the same scenario, the same playbook seems to be used now in Syria with similar charges, pointing out that who has the weapons of mass destruction in the world today is but the Pentagon.

"Using the charge against countries that are trying to defend their own sovereignty again and again, has been an excuse for war - for occupation, for destabilization, for pumping in more and more weapons, paying mercenaries and death squads, attempting to foment civil war and sectarian warfare. It's a very dangerous policy, and the worst and most dangerous ones are again and again, from the State Department, from the White House: the warnings that chemical weapons would be an excuse for deeper US involvement. So the charge is a very serious charge! " added Flanders.

And the idea of outside intervention, of orchestrated mercenaries sweeping into the region and using it as one more weapons cache, is of course very dangerous for all the people of the region. They have no plan for rebuilding Syria, for providing for people's needs. We can of course see the enormous payoffs, the loss of life the US wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, in Libya, have created. If you look at Libya today, it's without an ounce of stability, a completely non-functional government - this is what they have in store for Syria, where already thousands  people have died as a result of this US-NATO orchestrated war, concluded Flanders.

Actually, and as Foreign and Expatriates Ministry  clearly stated, the UN Secretary General's demand to expand tasks of the specialized technical mission formed to investigate the use of the terrorist groups of chemical weapons against civilians in Khan al-Asal in Aleppo province is rejected; hence  "Syria can't accept such maneuvers from the UN General Secretariat, taking into consideration the negative role it played in Iraq to pave the way for the US invasion."

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister, Gennady Gatilov, further, underlined that the mission cannot enter the country because there is no consensus on the mission, hence any expanding of the mission is not acceptable for the Syrian authorities, because it means unlimited inspection and unspecified mission in terms of time and size.

Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim