Syria's Independence Day


The ongoing events in Syria are but a continued battle for independence from terror , ignorance and exported Takfiri madness. Celebrating the glorious anniversary of independence from the French, Syria is more determined to rid itself from the new colonial forms of exploitation, hegemony and greedy plots.

The new form of colonialism as to exploit and steal the more of people's resources and riches has been the driving force behind some western countries' meddling in the domestic affairs of independent countries: it has been so in many places of the Arab World particularly in Iraq and in Libya. In Syria, the US and its western allies,  with the help of the ewes, Turkey and Israel, the sinister objective isn't only the geostrategic role of Syria as much as it is the Syrian identity, history, heritage and civilization all together.

For decades the anti-Syrians have been targeting the cradle of civilization as to subjugate it to their dictates and selfish interests ignoring the fact that Syria is but the orbit and can never be their satellite. The latest sinister bid is the ongoing, which has nothing to do with political figures, nor with democracy, human rights, or other exposed pretexts. It is the Resistance of the Syrians against occupation, hegemony , all forms of new colonialism and blackmail. Had the Syrians succumbed to dictations, changed their national and principled stances, things on the ground would have been totally different, but to the humiliation of the Syrians, who are indeed proud of their dignity and independence! 

The Syrians who accomplished their independence from the French in 1946, and before their emancipation from Ottomans, are waging today their just war against every form of terrorism, ignorance, and extremism. The Syrians' war is never among themselves; it is but the legitimate defense of Syria  in the face of multi-national terrorists, new colonialists and ignorant pre-historic  mentalities. The country which paid a heavy price of sacred martyrs to gain independence, is ever ready to pay every dear for the first and above all homeland.


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim