Prof. Michel Raimbaud to ST: Turkish attack deserves to be denounced as a threat against Syria’s security

Yes, it will be interesting to note how the European countries will react to the most recent developments and the new situation in Northern Syria, after the agreement signed under Russian sponsorship between the Syrian Government and the Kurds.

This is what the Former French diplomat Prof. Michel Raimbaud said after he answered two questions on the statement released yesterday by the French Defense and Interior Ministries on the Turkish attack on the northeast of Syria and the reason behind European countries’ support to the Kurds in Syria.

The French government argues the Turkish attack on Syria is posing a threat to European countries for two main reasons related to refugees issue and the return of its national Jihadists to France, according to the veteran diplomat prof. Raimbaud .

The professor said Europe fears that the Turkish attack on Syria could possibly push a new wave of Syrian refugees towards Turkey, inflating the number of three million already settled there, resulting from Erdogan’s dark calculations and his continuous support to terrorist groups sent (including by himself) to Syria.

“The Turkish Sultan has openly threatened to use again refugees as he had done for the former wave, as a pressure to bear on the European governments to make them “pay” billions of dollars as a salary for the double-faced burden “imposed” by the turmoil in Syria (Turkey being in the frontline confronted to terrorism and ensuring European countries security as a shield against uncontrolled migrations),” he added.

The former diplomat indicated that the second facet of the threat has appeared in a few days: the new situation created by the Turkish attack has strongly impacted and weakened the control exerted on the Da’esh prisoners by the Kurdish “Syrian Democratic Forces”: a number of Da’eshists seem to have escaped and evaporated in the wild.

“As we know, and without entering into details, the western European Governments strongly fear and dread the prospect of their “national” jihadists coming back or being sent back home,” Prof. Raimbaud added.

He pointed out that the Turkish unilateral attack has been firmly condemned by the French authorities. Even though it would have been wise and accurate – I dare not say “fair play” - to recall that according to all standards of international law and the basic principles of the UN Charter this Turkish attack deserves to be denounced before anything else as a threat against Syria’s security. But so many member-states of the United Nations have got used to such hypocritical statements.

Deep enmity against the Syrian State

Regarding the cause of the EU’s support to the Kurds in Syria, the former diplomat stressed that it is very easy to understand but fairly difficult to confess.

“The European capitals have beloved the Kurds insofar as they were perceived as claiming for separation from Syria and/or fighting the Syrian government. The “Kurdish aspirations” were a splendid and noble false flag to cover their deep enmity against the Syrian State, active member of the “Axis of Resistance” and as such standing up to all the policies and injunctions and orders of the “Masters of the World,” the professor clarified.

“We could also mention the secret dream sustained by some activists about the completion of a new “buffer state” at the borders of the Arab World, if you see what I mean,” he concluded.

Six days ago, the Turkish regime has started an attack on the northeast of Syria where dozens of civilians were martyred and injured and many infrastructures, institutes, hospitals, water and power stations and homes were flattened.

It is worth mentioning that Professor Michel Raimbaud recently published a book entitled ‘ The Syrian Wars’ [Les Guerres de Syrie,] in order to provide the readers with some think tracks and leads for reflection, if not answers to the questions asked by those willing to understand.

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Interviewed by: Basma Qaddour