US peace activist to ST: Washington is ruled by money and its real motto is “Quid Pro Quo”

US peace activist Janice Kortkamp has made it clear that the sad reality of Washington is that it is ruled by money and its real motto is “Quid Pro Quo” [A Latin phrase which means "you scratch my back, and I'll scratch yours"].

She told Syria Times newspaper that the members of Congress who pushed US President Donald Trump’s impeachment through are concerned that the Democrats have no popular candidate for the upcoming election.

“Those members of congress are also  concerned that without the media circus of the impeachment, more Americans might have paid attention to the far more significant recent votes on extending the surveillance of citizens under the Patriot Act or the monstrous $738 billion National Defense Authorization Act,” Kortkamp added.

She doubts President Trump is in any real danger of getting removed.

“Two thirds of the Senate would have to vote in favor of it and it doesn’t look like that will happen,” the activist asserted.

Kortkamp would support the removal of President Trump, if he were impeached for valid reason.

“If he were on trial for example for finalizing the turning over of US foreign policy to Israel and the pro-Israel lobby then that would be a significant milestone in improving our country and ending the disastrous wars we are currently involved in. Or, if he were on trial for the missile attacks against Syria to serve the interests of terrorist groups there, or for stealing Syria’s oil, those would be valid reasons. If he were on trial for continuing to aid the Saudis in their slaughter and starvation of Yemen against the wishes of Congress; or for attempting to overthrow the government of Venezuela; or for sanctioning countries under false pretenses to manufacture humanitarian catastrophes in economic wars against nations that are no threat to our own, same thing. But of course the members of Congress who pushed the impeachment through have no concern about those matters,” she stated.

The activist believes that if Donald Trump were removed from office

most likely US policy would get even worse.

“Mike Pence appears more pro-Israel and war-willing than Trump and

Pence would lose most likely in the 2020 election while an anointed

candidate of the Democrat party would continue in the war mongering of the Obama/Hillary administration. The problem of the out of control military, industrial, intelligence complex and the special interests that control it will not go away with any one person – though a true anti-war President would help considerably,” Kortkamp affirmed.

She concluded by saying: “Unfortunately, America’s politics are almost entirely corrupted and a total overhaul driven by a monumental mandate from the great majority of Americans is the only thing that will significantly change the course of US policy short of a full out revolution in my opinion.”

Interviewed by: Basma Qaddour